Xbox Scorpio stands as Microsoft’s biggest challenge yet to win back gamers

We know the tech, we know the engine that drives the car. But is Scorpio a custom Datsun Sports, or a Ferrari with all the extras?

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FallenAngel19842632d ago

Win back which gamers? The gap between PS4 & XO is smaller than 2 million in the US so it's not going to do much there. Not to mention Scorpio sure as hell isnt going to make the Xbox brand more viable in Europe, Asia, and RoW.

There's not a huge sea of gamers that are going to pay for a premium iterative console when it still features less games than PS4.

UCForce2632d ago

And the price that need to be reveal.

S2Killinit2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

I can't justify getting a stronger version of a console that isn't properly supported with games compared to its competition. Note when it will cost at least $400+. Especially because by the time scorpio's specs show any real advantage, the PS5 maybe around the corner.

Currently, the PS4Pro has yet to be maxed out, and PS4 is pumping out games after game that already look great. So if it takes two years to maximize Pro's benefits, then by the time two years have passed from scorpio being in the market, the PS5 will be releasing. At this point, I'm going to stick with the PS4Pro.

NewMonday2631d ago

with Xbox 1st party cancellations and rushed broken games like ReCore core gamers have little faith left in the brand.

the market for the Scorpio is only the brand loyalists , it will be the same base with little new users.

skydragoonityx2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

People are blowing this whole scorpio specs out
of proportion, games on PS4 Pro looks amazingly good already and scorpio still has nothing on PS4 Pro's library. As a hardcore gamer I'm not convinced 1 bit about the scorpio.

TheKingKratos2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Eh it's too late for this
pro didn't take the vast ps4 owners to upgrade because the graphics looks CGI like already on base ps4 and most games already 1080p and Scorpio is a beast of an upgrade and the price might be high or not doesn't matter since xboxone S will be outselling it by large amount
gamers hardcore or not don't want mid gen upgrades
they want games and just games


Well.. for starters... I like that it does 6flops compared to the Xbox one and the flop it was.

Goldby2631d ago


yup, you can add a Bazinga on that one

JayPi32631d ago

If you aren't convinced by Scorpio then it is more you being willingly ignorant than Scorpio being unable to be viable. The only thing Xbox is lagging behind at this point is games, honestly if they can secure some amazing exclusive titles, the rest will come into place.

zerocarnage2631d ago

that's abit of a daft statement to make. Come back and say that after you give it enough time like ps pro has been given once Scorpio has been out.

You talk about library, well my crystal ball is betting on more n more pc devs bringing new, current and old games from the pc library to the windows 10 brand. Exclusives wouldnt even be needed if that starts happening.

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Bigpappy2631d ago

We shall see. I am not one to try and predict how others will spend their money, but I would wait until E3 before putting my money down against Scorpio. Having said that, you would be hard pressed to find one legit technical article that is not singing high praises for what Scorpio has accomplished. If you think good press like this isn't going to drive sales, you are mistaken. But what ultimately could be more damming, is the level of support Scorpio receives from big name publishers. You guys keep crying exclusives till the cows come home, but If big name titles, which are release in much higher quantity keep looking and performing noticeably better on Scorpio, it would go a long way to make some PS4 owners (not loyalist) consider picking up a Scorpio for their next level gaming.

OB1Biker2631d ago

I feel it's meant for hardcore gamers but then probably already owning a PS4 too.


It's as simple as that it will be the preferred multi plat machine, just as PS4 was to X1, it pisses me off that PS Fanboys bragged about power in 2013 but now all they care about is exclusives and all of a sudden Power does not matter... I 100% agree that PS Exclusives demolish Xbox's in quantity and quality but let's not pretend that MS did not deliver on 1 promise so far, next they need to work on Exclusives!

RedPill862631d ago

Not to mention it's selling better than the 360. Microsoft has no gamers to win, they've expanded since last gen. What they need to do is broaden the software market.

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tmisellati2631d ago

i think microsoft is in very difficult and very sensitive position. their xbox brand is undergoing dark period of time with no interesting exclusive games coming out soon beside xbox one now is overshadowed by the ps4 with its awesome list of exclusives and now they have uncovered the specs inside their new high end system which is honestly quiet impressive. the well acknowledged gamers won't go out and buy the xbox one s because they will know that there will be a better xbox system coming out at the end of the year and this may in fact deepens the xbox brand problems and will slow the xbox one sales even further. the pricing will be very critical and decisive. if it is 500$ or more , then only die hard xbox fans will going to buy the scorpio. and if it is priced somewhere between 400$-450$ , it may have a good chance but even though the ps4 brand will be more attractive this year because of the impressive upcoming exclusive games. my guessing is that the scopio will be more attractive in 2018 but again we may start to hear rumours and news about ps5 and this again will limit the impact of the scorpio.

Automatic792631d ago

I think people know from a technological point of view the Xbox Scorpio is a beast. I myself will retire my day one Xbox One in favor of the Scorpio.

Overall, here are the areas that Microsoft has nailed in the last few months.

Xbox One Game Pass
Xbox One OS update
Xbox Beam Stream
Xbox One GWG
Indies love ID@Xbox

In my opinion, they are winning all the time with great announcements and great games. I believe E3 will be great for Microsoft.

Note can't wait to see State of Decay, Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves on the Scorpio.

jcole972631d ago

It's funny how i see more sony fanboys on xbox articles than anyone else. It really shows how much they don't play their games lol. They just scour n4g until the next xbox article comes to tell us why they aren't getting the scorpio lmao.

omarja14052631d ago

Fanboys? Just some gamers stating facts about Microsoft current state & how they need to step up and release more exclusives for their systems.

PS4 exclusives are selling well & multiplats are selling even better on Sony's console, So yeah PS4 owners play their games.

jcole972631d ago

Nah, we all know microsoft needs to ramp up the exclusives (which we will see at e3) so why are we reminded by SONY FANBOYS on every article. It doesn't even concern them lol. Even if they are playing their games, it doesn't change the fact that they hop on every article trying to downplay anything microsoft related.

JayPi32631d ago

You say it's gamers just discussing games, but a lot of times it seems more like gamers unwilling to give credit where it's due. Yes we know PS4 has more exclusives, and it sells well, and that's great but the discussion is about Scorpio.

Goldby2631d ago

or maybe some of us can multitask.

example, i'm at work while most of my posting are done, in between the work i need to do i keep up with the news.

Its funny how you seem to think every sony user has no job and is supposed to spend 24 hours a day infront of the console.....

jcole972631d ago

What the hell are you talking about? Who said anything about jobs? But even then, you are a grown ass man with a job telling others why they shouldn't buy a gaming console. No one cares. The fact that you people even spend any of your time to downplay everything microsoft is hilarious! Keep up with the news and keep it moving. No need to tell the world why you won't get an xbox every few minutes.

Goldby2631d ago

wow where did that come from. i was litterly responding to your post about
"It's funny how i see more sony fanboys on xbox articles than anyone else. It really shows how much they don't play their games lol."

Just because we are on this site, doesn't mean we aren't playing games too.

and where in that comment idd i tell anyone not to buy a console??

Learn to read man... and dont try putting words in my mouth when your comments were showing more childish notions than mine.

jcole972631d ago

You said, "Its funny how you seem to think every sony user has no job and is supposed to spend 24 hours a day infront of the console.....", and that's what I was referring to jackass.

And I've seen your other comments on different articles and all you do is talk about how scorpio is nothing without games (which we ALL know, we're just patiently waiting for e3), and then you proceed to tell us why sony and ps4 is better. Hence, you telling us basically not to buy it. This is "litterly" what all you sony fans do.

Goldby2629d ago

@Jcol"You said, "Its funny how you seem to think every sony user has no job and is supposed to spend 24 hours a day infront of the console.....", and that's what I was referring to jackass. "

Wow, calm down man, no need to call me a jackass because im pointing out a flaw in your comment.

i didn't realize that "ps4 is better" is synonymous with "dont but this" i guess i'll use that at the dealership i go to to buy a car. they'll know exactly what i'm talking about.

lastly, if you are getting so up in arms about comments i have made about how i prefer PS4 and PC gaming over Xbox due to the lineup on Xbox and how all of my friends play on PS4, then you need to reconsider what you hold to value in your life. are you insecure about your purchase that you need to bash other people based on their opinions?

Enjoy your console, clearly you have or else you wouldn't still own it. i cant do anything to take that away from you.

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corroios2631d ago

Win back gamers this time would need that at E3 Microsoft drop not one, not two but 3 or 4 nukes:

First: exclusive Red dead 2, COD, Destiny, Battlefield at least 6 months. Where can you play? only on Microsoft Consoles. The biggest games of the Year timed exclusive!!!!

Second: Drop the price of the Xbox One to 199 with a game bundled and Scorpio priced between 349 and 399

Everything else wont make any impact whatsoever, because State of decay, crackdown and Sea of Thieves arent system sellers and the hype is equal to Recore. And another Forza 4k edition will sell the same as the last games a couple of millions.

Goldby2631d ago

Thats litterly the most stupid comment i ahve read today.

first Destiny has a deal with sony already. so even if ms tried to buy them out, Activision would be owing money back to sony for breachign their contract.

same with RDR2, remember sony have marketing rights for it, how do u manage that 6 month exclsuive will work out if RDR or MS aren't allowed to advertise it. for 6 months no announcements of releases or anything until sony is allowed to sell it. Really smart...

Cod is an activision game so that its a the same boat as destiny.

but hey, MS have a deal with EA for battlefield... so you ahve that. not exclusive, just marketing rights.

btw. any timed exclusive is a really stupid idea. just look how Rise of the Tomb raider went.