The Analog Circle Podcast: Will Xbox Scorpio Be Held Back By The Playstation 4 Pro?

In this weeks Podcast Kiaun will be covering news about Life Is Strange,what days and times the demo for Arms will be available,more news about Sony and there E3 presentation,along with more news about Far Cry 5. This and much more can be found in this episode.

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1386d ago
XiNatsuDragnel1386d ago

Scorpio is getting butchered sadly

livedeht1385d ago

"Scorpio" held back by xbone

1385d ago
Tussin1871385d ago

Is the PS4 held back by X1? Is the Pro held back by PS4 or X1? Will the Scorpio be held back by X1? How Scorpio will be held back by the Pro is news to me. It's as if this question is being asked without the existence of the OG PS4 and X1. If anything, the two ORIGINAL systems will hold both Pro and Scorpio back. That should be the title but I understand why this click attention getting title was used.

It's almost like the Scorpio is being posed as some sort of console that has never been done before. Ok, it has 6 tflops and is more powerful than the Pro. Yes, that's great. So, can we expect this kind of article to come out for all systems if there is one that is more powerful. All this does is fuel the fanboy war. I can't wait for Scorpio to be announced so some things will be cleared up.

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