40° NBA Live 09 Demo Review

NBA Live 09 has finally hit the European Playstation Store today, but was already in the marketplace for about almost two weeks. The anticipated game tries to be different from its revolutionary and fantastic prequel NBA Live 08 - and to make thinks clear - that is a tough mission...

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LightningPS34072d ago

I didn't read the article, so who knows if they agree. But I played the demo and that's my take.

godmoney4072d ago

They think so too.

It says that it's a better game than NBA Live 08

Honeal2g4072d ago

Ok, i am a huge basketball Fan. I play atleast 3-4 days out of the week. Won the dunk contest at my school last semester, and let me tell you guys something... NBA live is the most unrealistic (playing) basketball game on the planet second to NBA 08(Sony's First Party Game). The game looks amazing Graphically the best. but the players are all Stiff, dribbling is sub par/atrocious, and everything about it is scripted. u can 360 windmill with absolutely no momentum. just terrible.

NBA 2k series is by far the greatest team ever put together to develope a basketball game. i used to be a live fan until i played NBA 2k6, never looked back since. i will give EA credit for making the game look photo realistic all they need to do now is get the game play down. but there is no way a true basketball fan would consider NBA live a "good game" its made for ppl who like the flashy dunks and dont care too much for realism(when it comes to game play)

hOoDnErD4071d ago

so agree with you on that!!

lagoonalight4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Agree, but the sliders can help a little bit. I also think that having to adjust all those things makes the game look like it wasn't developed right in the first place.

Live 08 while a slight improvement, still completely sucked at recreating the sport.

I can play on the highest difficulties until I basically have to gimp my sliders to zero to lose.

Dunks are completely out of whack.

Fix that and I'll buy it for 30 bucks.

Make a great game like the the show or nhl 09 and I maybe could see paying more past the demo

And 2k needs improvements, too. It isn't all glorious over there.

Crowds were still slightly lame in NHL 09 on the demo and there is still much to be done for all sports games in that category. I will be downloading the demo for this soon.