EA Sports Working Hard to 'Close the Gap' Between NBA Live and NBA 2K

Last year's NBA Live got a 77 on Metacritic. 2K Sports' NBA 2K9 received a total of 84 on Metacritic. It's been a consistent pattern for years. The NBA 2K franchise continually outscores EA Sports' competing NBA Live series. Later this fall, the two franchises with once again battle each other on the virtual court, but EA Sports President Peter Moore is expecting a much tighter basketball showdown this year.

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Father Murder X4046d ago

SO they know that the game has been crap. EA has been too lazy for too many years. So 2k is just going to sit on their asses and let Live beat them???

drdre744046d ago

2K is good about being hush on whats new in each years game. Online was the only thing wrong with 2k9. I hope they fix the lobby and make it so you can send a game invite to a friend on the ps3. I hate having to tell someone to go in the lobby and hope nobody joins the game before the person I'm waiting on comes in. Plus they need to add back the half time shows and the intros lol! i miss that from the old dreamcast versions.