LeBron James tops Michael Jordan When It Comes to Sports Video Games

When it comes to video games, LeBron James tops Michael Jordan. A mainstay in current video games, unlike Jordan, LeBron does not exclude himself from any NBA video games due to licensing issues. Find out more after the break.

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truewittness3436d ago

please don't compare lebron to jordan. that is a disrespect to jordan.

cayal3435d ago

It's a disrespect to life.

No Way3435d ago

Can't compare right now.. But, will be able to in the future.

sanamsingh3435d ago

Please don't make stupid comparisons that nobody cares about.

P.S. Kobe is better

No Way3435d ago

That's why LeBron is League MVP, eh? :)

Besides, Kobe has been on a great team his whole career. That helps, a lot.
The Cavs aren't nearly as great without LeBron as the Lakers are without Kobe.

chrisnick3435d ago

don't drown in the haterade buddy. lebron is king...and MVP...And is the best all around player in the NBA....FACT.

Marceles3434d ago

Kobe stopped being on a good team once they lost to the Pistons in the Finals lol...Payton, Malone, and Oneal left after that and has been surround by no one but young players that are awestruck by him and can't keep up. If Kobe was on a good team his whole career, they would've gone to the playoffs every year, but they haven't. At least Shaq was able to get 2 more rings without Kobe, but Kobe still has to prove he can do it without Shaq. He has a pretty good chance this year though. It's easy to be MVP when your team sucks without you, Kobe has some good help this year so he's not gonna stat it up like he has in previous years.

jBat173435d ago

and the bulls shooting guard is Player, who had a 90+ rating.. same thing with shaq.. only time i was able to play as jordan was on Space Jam

The_Zeitgeist3435d ago

I used to like James until I saw this. Go Magic!

chrisnick3435d ago

it was knocked out of his need to look a lil bit closer sir.

No Way3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

That video has been altered.
If you believe he threw it at her, then you're a fool.

Besides, his momma would beat his assss!

sanamsingh3434d ago

Kobe has the most haters.

I guess the best get hated on the most.