Speculation: NBA 2K9 Vs. NBA Live 2009

Resume Play - Stephen Rosenberg writes "The NBA season starts in October, and aside from maybe Rich, I'm probably the only one on Resume Play that cares. However, it is my job to bring a little bit of sporting games into this nerd fest of a site. Along with the new season comes to releases of NBA Live 2010 and NBA 2K10. I've had almost a year of fun and excitement from these games and there is a constant debate about which one is better. Most of the people that side with the live games only play the live games, and likewise with the 2K series. I have owned NBA Live 2009 since the release date, and only just picked up 2K9. I am a dedicated NBA fan and pay attention to lots of small details, so I will take those into count. I think you'll be surprised by my comparison. I have been a live buyer for the last three years, but before that I was a 2K series buyer, and even before that, I was a live buyer. Here's my professional Resume Play writer comparison of NBA Live 2009 and NBA 2K9."

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Bagogames4007d ago

Although Basketball isnt big over here, and the videegames for them are select sale only, If it gets a 5/5 off resumeplay (And Stephen no less) then I guess it must be worth a look into :S

Be warned, if it sucks I'm coming after you =D

Update: Just played about 10 mins out of is good...carry on

SRosenberg4007d ago

Really? Select sale only?

That is crazy. I figured they'd be pretty popular everywhere.

Thanks for the Euro-info. :)

brandynevils4007d ago

Goodness, games have come a long way from NBA Jam. I have watched you play these, kinda, and I didn't know there were any differences... lol. Good story.

SRosenberg4007d ago

You really only notice the difference when the person you're playing online is down by 1, shoots the ball from out of bounds and it magically goes through the backboard and in the net, and you lose.

Then you really notice.

You notice even more when they send you a message that says "ha ha you lost".

CheatsMcGee4007d ago

I can't even begin to count how many times I've heard "Off the penetration!" from Live.