Why We Never Got Dead Space 4

In 2008, Dead Space introduced us to Isaac Clarke, a lowly engineer forced to fight his way off a zombie-infested spaceship. It was an instant hit. Dead Space racked up over two million sales, nabbed a handful of awards, and seemed set as the next big thing in survival horror.

Dead Space 2 arrived in 2011. Dead Space 3 hit in 2013. And then…nothing. While publisher Electronic Arts claims that Dead Space is still "important" to the studio, a sequel still hasn't happened.

gangsta_red2670d ago

Dead Space 3 is the perfect example of a series where the big wigs got too greedy and tried to turn it into what everything else was on the market. Just another run and gun shooter.

So disappointing because the first one was brilliant. Second one was okay but I didn't like the added powers and the third one...well, complete trash. Funny it took EA only 3 games to kill a franchise but Capcom with RE it took a lot more.

darthv722670d ago

I gave up on the third as it just didnt have the same charm as the first or the second. I should finish it though... then again I have seen the ending on youtube so no biggie. I got other games to play.

DeadManMMX2670d ago

If you play it co op it has some fun tricks to it. Where one co op partner will hallucinate and see things the other can't and you'll have to protect them. I thought it was a good take on the individual psychological horror each person is hit with when they get closer to the marker.

_-EDMIX-_2670d ago

Agreed. Might as well consider a 3rd game never existed.

Like...really folks, 3 is that far from Dead Space 1 and 2.

Dead Space 2 legit felt like the Aliens to Alien, the Resident Evil 1 to 2 etc lol

It still had the survival elements and the horror, on a bigger scale and did a great job of mixing some more action, with classic horror and survival elements.

....then dead space 3 showed up lol

Kleptic2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

@ED, I know we have our disagreements from time to time, but couldn't agree more.

The first was Alien; claustrophobic and purposely limited in certain areas, but elegant in it's mechanics. It never tried to be something it wasn't.

2 was Aliens; more action focused but retained the atmosphere (and had plenty of out right scary situations of it's own; that freaking spider-thing that took over corpses?...gtfo), and continued the story in an extremely balanced and logical way.

I actually never tried 3. I planned on it, but read previews before release showing the direction it was going (and there was a demo at one point i believe) and just really didn't get into it. It would be something i'd play just to see if it's really that bad, but haven't yet.

Harkins17212670d ago

2nd one had the perfect blend of horror and action. 3rd one was still good but it did lose its charm. It did add things that would be great for a 4th.

RedPill862670d ago

It didn't. It wasn't meant to be an action game. The second, while a good game, was objectively worse than the first. It simply didn't have the atmosphere right.

tyasia02670d ago

*cough* *mumble* Mass Effect Andromeda *cough* *mumble*

WelcomeToTheFamily2670d ago

At least Capcom fixed RE with RE7 Biohazard. EA however wont do anything with this series because they like fifa more lol.

Harkins17212670d ago

@Redpill86 The atmosphere was amazing. They improved so much over the first game. They made sections like the baby section in chapter 6 so fun to play through. And zero gravity was so much better.

Dark-soul2670d ago

Capcom redeemed resident evil with resident 7, briliant game and many people enjoyed it.

_-EDMIX-_2670d ago


I feel Dead Space is a great example of how you run a game into the ground.

Horror titles were just not selling like that, even RE wasn't getting huge 5 or 6 million sales when it was just survival horror outside of the action RE4-6.

I think EA should have just budgeted around the first games sales for it s sequels.

Dead Space is not going to be this huge 6 or 7 million unit sell survival horror series, its just not. Not even RESIDENT EVIL was able to be that in regards to survival horror. The HEIGHT of RE when it was JUST survival horror before its action phase was like 6 million.

If Resident Evil isn't getting those sales and they damn near invented survival horror, Dead Space was just never getting anything like that.

Resident Evil has yet to reach those RE2 sales in regards to a traditional survival horror.

EA if they are going to do Dead Space, I feel need to do an REVII. Budget to the sale you EXPECT TO GET, not the damn sales you want. Dead Space as a survival horror is not moving RE5 numbers folks, we just don't have any evidence to even suggest that.

EA went wrong when they start pumping money into Dead Space expecting HUGE blockbuster COD type sales.

If the budget accordingly and understand they won't be getting exaggerated COD sales, I think a Dead Space 4 can do really, really well.

Its up to EA.

-Foxtrot2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Dead Space 3 will always p*** me off because they understood the outrage at Capcom for the way Resident Evil went, even calling Dead Space the "Resident Evil" of last gen. However despite this EA still got the studio to make Dead Space into a generic, over the top third person co-op action game which was dumbed down as hell...the SAME GOD DAMN THING Resident Evil 6 did.

They knew and they still did it...

Even small things about it ticked me off. I mean why have a generic soldier grunt character added when they could have used Ellie who was introduced in DS2 and survived. Instead they turned her from a badass into a damsel in distress.

They need to just continue from Dead Space 2 and pretend Dead Space 3 never happened or do a reboot-retelling of the first game so they can take the game in a new direction. I wouldn't mind an expanded, improved version of the first game with Issac being allowed to speak.

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ShadowKnight2670d ago

Its time to go back to its roots just like the first game.

DreadGara2669d ago

Why DS 4 not out yet?
Because EA that's why...
Thanks for screwing the franchise EA.

gantarat2668d ago

Developer busy make star wars game.

crazychris41242670d ago

They should reboot the franchise and go back to its roots. I dont play that many horror games but the 1st game was a lot of fun. Always would turn off the lights and crank up the volume.

daBUSHwhaka2670d ago

Dead Space was a tremendous game from start to finish.

Sciurus_vulgaris2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

I played through both Dead Space 1& 2, with headphones on and the lights off. Which really added to the atmosphere. I throughly enjoyed both the first and second Dead Space titles, despite the terrible motion sickness the games gave me. Dead Space 3, was a good, but not great game, not particularly scary, nor that strong of a TPS. I did really like crafting weapons in the third game.

SCW19822670d ago

The first Dead Space is a masterpiece. Dead Space 2 was a good sequel that became to much blockbuster action game but still had creepy moments. Dead Space 3...............we don't discuss Dead Space 3.

Cy2670d ago

I'd like to read this article but they want me to click to a new page after 2 freaking paragraphs and, no, not gonna deal with that clickbait bullshit.

bitboi2670d ago

this...this is why i didn't bother going to page 3...sites need to stop doing crap like that