Assassin's Creed Syndicate Patch 1.50 vs. 1.51 Comparison Shows Improved Visuals On PS4 Pro

Ubisoft has released a brand new update for Assassin's Creed: Syndicate today that fixes the messed up PS4 Pro support for the game, improving the visuals in this process.

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theXtReMe1699d ago

Ive been waiting for this. Cant wait to dig into the game for the first time. Im hoping they do the same for Black Flag. I cant imagine how good that game would look wit both 4K and HDR in tow. The colors already pop in it, HDR would make it look even better with details in both light and dark areas, along with the extra brightness.

Im loving the Pros early glimpse into the next generation of gaming.

Erik7357698d ago (Edited 698d ago )

If you could afford a 4k hdr tv how the heck do you not have a gaming pc? Like might as well have the best experience if you have the money to shell out for a tv like that.

But hey if you've never had a gaming pc and have always had a console I guess you would rather go this route, but I think the second he/she would try the pc....they would never go back

kevnb698d ago

Because he spent all his money on the tv .

Darkwatchman698d ago (Edited 698d ago )

Because I want physical copies of basically all my games. Currently own 47 physical ps4 games. I would say roughly 35-40% of those games are also on PC, but next to none of them have physical releases on PC so as long as PC continues to be a digital dominated market, I will continue to not care about that platform.

Heck, even the Duke Nukem 3D 20th anniversary release had a physical release only for consoles; a game that started on PC had a physical re-release exclusive to consoles and I'm glad I stick with consoles because of it. I can't explain how joyful I was to open the case and find that the disc's artwork is duke nukem's lower half with the hole in the disc centered right where his dick would be. That's the kind of joyful feeling I couldn't get with sticking to PC and having digital only copies of more than 90% of games released today. Doesn't satisfy me much.