Is Assassin's Creed Syndicate worth playing in 2023?

GF365: "Is Assassin's Creed Syndicate worth playing in 2023? Many veteran fans consider this game the last “real” Assassin's Creed game. Did that opinion age well? How does Syndicate compare against the previous game, Unity?"

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shinoff218386d ago

I would say more maybe when you burned through your backlog.

cbuc112586d ago

I thought it was great back in the day. Evie was a master at stealth, while Jacob was the fighter. Good 💩!

glennhkboy84d ago

I didn't find them that different in terms of stealth vs power.

cbuc112584d ago

Well they were. She could go full invisible and blend into the environment at the highest level. Jacob could shoot a gun mid punch while fighting. You needed to build out the skill tree.

Chocoburger85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

It was the last in the series I actually liked, before they went full-blown grindfest. This game had grindy features too, but at least it had some limits.

My biggest issue was that it didn't move the modern story forward which was a let down. Still a fun game, though.

robtion85d ago

Definitely, it is a great game with a really detailed setting.

Unfortunately, you can't play it on PS5 though as it has a major flickering glitch with the lighting/shadows which makes it unplayable.

robtion85d ago

Really? Great, thanks for letting me know. It must have been relatively recent because when I downloaded it to play again on PS5 sometime in the last 12 months it was still really bad.

Good news though, now I can give it another play through. Never did the Jack the Ripper quests previously so want to give them a try.

P_Bomb84d ago

Yeah the patch was most appreciated. That graphic breakup/flicker was awful.

MadLad85d ago

Still consider it the best since Brotherhood.

DarXyde84d ago

Brotherhood was the last one I liked, but in fairness, I checked out after Revelations (which I really struggled to maintain interest in long enough to finish it. I eventually did but I couldn't tell you a thing about it though because I really did it out of necessity to finish something I started).

By that time, fatigue really set in and I simply don't care about it anymore.

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