Racist Gamers are Pissed Off with Watch Dogs 2’s Black Protagonist

A few days ago Ubisoft released the reveal trailer for their upcoming game Watch Dogs 2. Watch Dogs 2 is an open world, action-adventure game set in San Francisco.

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gtxgamer22957d ago

It's the 21st century people.. get with the program. It's sad to see racism is STILL a huge problem with the world.

NotEvenMyFinalForm2957d ago

racism will always exist even if it's the 30th century. Nobody will ever be able to make billions of people all be under the same mindset and have the same values.

Kingthrash3602957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Yes, Humans are dumb that way....
Also... racists and gamers don't mix.
Most Gamers care about the game and not the color of pixels chosen.
Nobody got pissed at kratos for being black, why this?
Lastly let them be pissed....so what racists are always pissed...they are a miserable bunch that's shallow minded that the simple color of someone skin...or pixels (smdh) gets them all emotional n shit. Let them be Lil crybaby idiots, they are nothing but jealous people who wish the world was ran by color for some reason.

Zorkaz2957d ago

Unfortunately this is the truth, but what we can do is do our best to make people like that feel alienated, uncomfortable, and outcast. Racists will always exist, but we can make sure they get no support and keep it to themselves.

P.S. The reason nobody complained about Kratos being black, was because he wasn't. He was very tanned, but he was't black. And then he turned white and red.

Twinblade2957d ago

kingthrash, I don't think kratos was black.

Herpofderpopol2957d ago

Racism will be extremely uncommon eventually, and all it takes is a few generations raised with new or different info to change the social climate vastly. Compare many nations to how they were 60 years ago for example.

AnubisG2957d ago

Humans are not dumb. Racism comes from tribal mentality. It is in our DNA. It's basically us against them. It's what we know is right and what they know is wrong. That is how humans lived for tens of thousands of years and only in the past few hundred years we started to travel all over the globe reaching people and places we could not have done before. This is all new to us relatively. So yes, we need time to form a "global us" but that will take thousands of years or a global crisis that impacts everyone the same way so don't expect racism to go away soon. In fact it will get worst and worst. It is expected and normal. Is it ok? No it's not ok but we are hardwired this way. Study some psychology and evolution and you will understand. Tribalism will not be soon destroyed. It's rooted very deeply in us. We can try do deny it but it's there. But instead of addressing this problem, everyone is like "shhhhh, shhhh" and whoever brings it up is a racist and a bigot.

Kingthrash3602957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Ok let's say 66% black...Black voice actor, dark skin...Greek background....2 to 1 lol
"Very tanned skinned" lmao guess I'm very tanned too....trust me if the cops pulled him over he'd be called a "black male" tanned skin tho lol that made me laugh ...how do you know he's tanned...lol where it say that? Or when did to see him pre - tanned lol .
No disrespect tho I'm laughing because it made me laugh not in a sarcastic way.... not saying you are wrong or even care if I'm wrong but is kratos white then? With a tan...?

Lol below...cod players are gamers now?? News to me! Lol
Not everyone are gamers bro...people play games for the love of games...The cod players that say the N word whenever they hear a black dude are super common....but then again cod is more of a casual shooter that non real time gamers can play and be good at...that and Lil kids that feel safe at home.
Cod player are where you will find more casual players than hardcore. It's a beginners game....I play it myself...but I find battlefield is where the real time gamers play...ya know..less camping more teamwork and bigger battles...bullets that don't dissappear when you die and that have drop distance and real recoil. ...no disrespect to cod players but truth is truth.

Blaze9292957d ago

"Also... racists and gamers don't mix. "

@Kingthrash360 lmao....man, you must have never played Call of Duty on Xbox LIVE. Or hell, ANY game online with a HINT of something pointing toward you being black.

"Nobody got pissed at kratos for being black, why this? "

Cuz he was painted white lmfao. C'mon son. The same people racist outside are the same ones racist in the virtual world. As an African American man i just have to wonder why people hate us so much lol. It's truly interesting.

XisThatKid2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Strangely enough I don't give a BLAM about that I just wasn't to change the characters pants....

PistolsAtDawn2957d ago

@Anubis I'm glad you said that, I agree 100%. At some "level" every one of us is "racist" but it's on a slider scale, it's not (pardon the expression) black or white. It's not even necessarily rooted in a hatred of another race, often it's just rooted in self-preservation. How much race plays a roll in your life is directly affected by your experience with other races and the "shit hitting the fan scale". The more time you spend around other groups of people, the more you realize we are all generally the same, and each race has their good people and bad people (people that make the rest of that race go "WTF!!! Stop making us look bad you idiot"). The more time you spend around other people the more you realize it's better to judge them by their character, not their color. The way I see it, it's all about a Team mentality...if you're here, motivated, and you have the same goals as me...I could care less about your race, creed, gender, sexual preference, etc. However, back to that "shit hit the fan scale"...on a great day, someone who isn't a single ounce racist....may turn out to use racism as a self preservation tool on a bad day...which is technically racist. If you're standing in the middle of the street and on either side is a mob with weapons yelling at each other with weapons...one side is your race and the other is a different race....do you walk up to the other race and try to reason with them? Or do you seek protection with the race you are part of? OBVIOUSLY that is an EXTREME example. Just saying that how "racist" someone is depends on the stresses placed on them. Those that take little to no stress to be racist are the assholes.

Monster_Tard2957d ago


Many make racist comment to attempt to offend someone, it doesn't prove that they're truly racist.

AnubisG2957d ago

@PistolsAtDawn glad to see there are intelligent people here like you who use their brains instead of the "feelz". Yep, pretty much what you said. Gave good examples. People today don't want to hear that because they are overly sensitive to everything and have their safe places and trigger warning and such.

freshslicepizza2957d ago

i'm confused by the headline, racists gamers are pissed? should it not say gamers are pissed that the game is being racist?

either way is this really how far we have come over the years that now we can't have a black person in san francisco in a fictional game world?

Kombatologist2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

"Unfortunately this is the truth, but what we can do is do our best to make people like that feel alienated, uncomfortable, and outcast. Racists will always exist, but we can make sure they get no support and keep it to themselves."

This is what irks me about today's society. Sweeping racists under the rug is NOT the answer. Publicly shaming them, taking their jobs away, etc., isn't going to make them any less of a racist. All it does is make them someone else's problem. I don't think there's any one solution to the issue, but I do think communication, education, and tolerance are key. People will always fear what they don't understand.

"Racism will be extremely uncommon eventually, and all it takes is a few generations raised with new or different info to change the social climate vastly. Compare many nations to how they were 60 years ago for example."

I'm not so sure about that. There's always going to be someone with a different opinion, and there's no shortage of people who are willing to take their opinion too far. The gaming community is a testament to that.

Deadpooled2957d ago

Racism is prevalent because society teaches it.

Sunny_D2957d ago


I think Kingthrash meant that the voice actor for Kratos was black. Kratos in the game is Greek. A Spartan specifically.

iceman062957d ago

@Pistols...when you say "everybody is a little racist" that's not true. Everybody is prejudiced. We constantly make snap judgments and place people in mental categories based on our experiences and perceptions of people. However, racism is much stronger than just that. It's the buy-in and belief that another person is inferior (for whatever reason) and thus is not afforded the same treatment as you. True racism is almost doctrine (though there's no 'Bible' of sorts). A racist is on a quest to prove that his beliefs are 'right' to the point of organizing and recruiting with no fear of retribution or remorse. They see the hated race as subhuman and justify their belief system using that as a motive. Shy of complete buy-in, and worse than the average prejudices that we ALL have, is just the bigot...of which there are many. Bigots take the prejudice to the extreme of believing them strongly and often irrationally. They don't claim superiority as much as they dislike for whatever reason.

That being said, you are absolutely correct about the exposure factor. Meeting, talking to, working with, and being actual friends with other races is exactly what humanizes people and brings into balance those prejudices that are often reflexive. (it doesn't hurt to be somewhat intelligent and logical! Lol) It can often help to refute bigotry. However, it's very unlikely (though it can happen) to change racism simply because it is much like religion in that it is carefully indoctrinated, deeply engrained (by family and peer groups) and the person often has to admit to being so wrong for so long in order to rid themselves of it. It's strange but it's easy to find isolated bigots. It's often much more difficult, at least in real life, to find isolated racists. They NEED the constant reinforcement of other racists and KNOW that what they believe is NOT the accepted norm.

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shmowboyfebop2957d ago

Kratos was black?!? And god?!?! Ef this

rainslacker2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I find many people can give me reason to dislike them that has nothing to do with their skin color. I'd rather dislike or like someone based on who they are, and how they act or treat others, and if I make judgement calls on a first impression without knowing them, it is probably based on experience with others who did it before, and often times, those types of personality traits are consistent within subcultures of specific races. Making that judgement call isn't an indication of being racist IMO, because I am basing my thoughts on another person based on my own experience, and I personally don't consider the race when making those judgement calls, because nowadays, so many people try to behave like they belong to a different race than they are, despite those character traits not actually being racially motivated, but rather culturally motivated.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that while many people may judge others on race at times, it doesn't really indicate racism, because racism is the act which may be executed through that judgement because of their race. But if someone makes that call based on their experience of someone because of their race, it is racist, however, if their experience happens to match up with that person's race, it's not really racist....just affirming one's belief.

starchild2957d ago

Racism is an expression of the primitive tribalism inherent in all human beings to some degree. Extreme sports rivalries and videogame fanboyism are also examples of this sort of primitive tribalism.

Some people can rationally rise above it to a great degree, but many can't. Those that rightly decry racism but turn around and act like fanboys should realize it's coming from the same place. Obviously racism is more damaging and serious, but fanboyism also has negative consequences in our community. Just something to think about.

Errorist762957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

While this might be true to some extend if you knew enough of people of different races, ethnicities and traveled the world enough you would know we essentially DO all share the same mindset! It's sad and uninformed to think otherwise. Respect and understanding for other cultures is all that matters.

Errorist762957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )


Kratos is a Greek god goddamnit. Greeks are not black! Although essentially we all are black because we all originate from Africa.