Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: As Dusk Falls, Inside, Watch Dogs 2, and More

"Hey friends, we’re kicking things off with the first Xbox Game Studios release since we revealed the road map at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase with some of the games you’ll get to enjoy in the next 12 months! Along with Chapters 1 & 2 of As Dusk Falls, this game drop also features cult classics, fan favorites, some games we snuck in last week that you might have missed, and more. Let’s look at the games!"

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LoveSpuds315d ago

Yeah, pretty weak effort with the exception of the Hotwheels expansion. Its not that the games are bad, they are so old that I have played the better of them, like Inside, for example.

Elda315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

I've had Gamepass free up until this September from winning at a past Xmas party & for me GP has been nothing but mostly meh when it comes to current 2022 games releasing on the sub service. For me most of the current offerings are uninteresting Indie & AA titles. I'm currently playing Halo Infinite in drabs & I just started Remedy's classic title Quantum Break which has been very interesting so far.

rakentaja315d ago

My assumption is that GP numbers are going down, they know it, and it's not a good time to give you big releases if they can't consistently release their first-party stuff quarterly. You have to wait some more, like always.

MadLad315d ago

MS has a lot coming for Gamepass and first party between now and next year.

Kind of tired hearing they don't have games. Sony hasn't exactly been amazing this year either. Their saving grace was GoW actually getting a 2022 release date.

shinoff2183315d ago (Edited 315d ago )


Actually horizon released thus year also. Im sure theres a few others. Sony also has pretty good 3rd party support from japanese devs and other worldwide devs. Im looking forward to the new legend of heroes game probably more then anything and its 3rd party exclusive i believe.

You say ms has alot coming between now and next year. I think you mean next year as far as ive seen they dont have any first party coming out this year.

King_Noctis315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

As Dusk Fall got 9 from both Gamespot and IGN. How is it meh?

crazyCoconuts315d ago

I think of you read closely you're only getting chapter 1 & 2 which is like two hours

Elda315d ago

There are other reviews that are quite low as well. It's an Indie game not a AAA blockbuster.

Lightning77315d ago

Yes we've heard the story about how you won it. You don't seem to like the console so you might as well hey rid of it. Your not an Xbox fan and never will be which is fine buy you don't seem to enjoy the console much. If you don't like it then why have it around?

Elda314d ago

There's nothing wrong with the console which I traded in my XBSS for an XBSX for only $50 due to so much credit & a hookup that I have at The fact remains currently it has no new exclusives for this entire year including GP currently having lackluster 2022 Indie & AA games. There are a couple of decent Indie & AAA multiplats that were released this year but none have landed on GP one has to buy them. As for now when it comes to current XB exclusives I'll just have to wait a year from now to play some which is a shame one has to wait that long,as of now I'll just try out some classic titles like the Gear games & some other classics.

John_McClane314d ago

I doubt he/she has an Xbox, looks like trolling to me.

Lightning77314d ago

@Elda Why not try out some these releases? I was just like you I'm obsessed in the AAA games To the point of completely under minding some the AA or even AAA lite games. I'm learning to enjoy gaming a little more and stop obsessing hard over games that are still another 6 months out after this year. The first 6 months aren't system sellers butIve I've tried Naraka: Blade Point will be trying As Disk Falls, Warhammer Vermintide and High On Life. High On Life isn't really something I would play. That's what I'm saying, why would I not try it out? If I don't like it I'll just delete it. The rest of those games do look really good.

The obsession with only worrying about AAA is unhealthy imo. Because that satisfaction is only temporary and have us thinking about their next big game so on and so forth. It has over looking games that are being released that could be potential gems.

Elda314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Believe me I enjoy playing Indie or AA games but I know what interests me when it comes to those types of games. When I first started GP I played The Ascent & Nobody Saves The World which I enjoyed immensely,that was this past January. For the past 6 months the only Indie game I enjoyed on GP so far was Trek To Yomi. I just finished the Indie games Kena:Bridge Of Spirits & Anno Mutationem on the PS5. I do prefer to play AAA games first & foremost,one of my main reasons for owning these current powerful consoles. There are several upcoming XB exclusives that I want to play but that won't be happening anytime soon,so I'll just play some of the XB classics on GP for now because GP just doesn't have any current AAA exclusives or multiplats for the remainder of this year. I have my PS5 for playing 2022 current AAA exclusives & multiplats including Indies. I going to download the Indie "Stray" as well.

LoveSpuds314d ago

Elda, there is little point in clarifying your preferences, unless you fully cheerlead for Gamepass then the more childish types here will never be satisfied. It sounds like I might enjoy indy titles a little more than you so I do get a bit more value from Gamepass, but I agree in general that the service isn't the best if you are someone who enjoys bigger budget titles.

Hopefully this changes in future as surely, MS must hit a more reliable cadence of 1st party releases given all of their acquisitions. I am not sure what your tastes in indies are like, but on Gamepass I absolutely adored Artful Escape and Sable, so maybe check them out?

Also, that Hotwheels expansion for Horizon 5 looks fantastic fun.

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JayRyu315d ago

As Dusk Falls, inside and Watchdogs is Forza DLC. That's a very good line up.

P_Bomb315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

I remember when Inside came out, I tuned into a random stream to watch some gameplay before buying. Turns out the streamer was right at the end lmao! What a massive spoiler! I saw the end before the beginning!

Still bought it. Good game, good add to GP. Same with the day one As Dusk Falls. Might fart around in WD free roam a bit too.

314d ago
poppatron314d ago

There’s not been a whole lot of interest for me personally for pretty much all of 2022 to be honest. Both on and on game pass. Spent much more time on my PlayStation. Gutted about the star field delay. Covid really did a number on this gen of consoles that’s for sure

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