DLC Review: Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate – Jack the Ripper (PS4)

Conor says: While the Jack the Ripper DLC somehow manages to completely reverse the pros and cons of the original Assassin's Creed: Syndicate it's still a trip worth taking if you're interested in a decent story and an original take on one of history's most notorious killers. Although if it's more of Syndicate's awesome side activities and well thought out missions you want, just stick to the base game.

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kaiserfranz1527d ago

I liked this DLC. It's at least an eight to me

esmittystud1011527d ago

I'm still waiting to play it. I'm about 60% complete with the main game. Too many good games out right now for me to just focus on one, thats why I haven't finished this yet. Good game though. I like it alot and probably more than I did Black Flag. Only two AC games I have ever owned and I can say I'm pleased.

Immorals1527d ago

I like it, but I prefer Unity. I think that's due to not liking having two main characters, doesn't feel natural nor necessary!

esmittystud1011526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

I might have get Unity one day if I'm craving a new Assassin's Creed game in my collection since I don't think there going to do one in Nov. 16' which I'm fine with. I think adding a a protagonist they thought it might give a different feel to the game. Which the only difference I see is Evie has more stealth and Jacob has better combat. Which all together isn't much of a difference.

I bet they got the idea from one of there long but good surveys we got years ago. I think they may have done the same with Far Cry Primal. I doubt the final decision came down to it though. Nice surveys though, really detailed.

I3loggs241526d ago

Unity is better then syndicate in a lot of areas i.e. customization, animations, combat etc, you can tell they were attempting to make a very ambitious AC game, but imo the story and characters were boring as all hell, and the entire game experience suffered because of it.

Pastorfuzz1526d ago

I used to have Unity when it first came out, but sold it because it had too many bugs. Does it play well now that patches have been released or is it still a mess?