Halo Reach Gets New Update For Xbox One Backwards Compatibility, Reportedly Fixes Issues

Halo Reach was recently made available for the Xbox One using backwards compatibility, however it has faced several issues with its emulation on Xbox One including issues with frame rate and graphics. This has prompted Microsoft to pay special attention to the emulation of the game on the Xbox One and they have recently released a brand new update that reportedly manages to fix or reduce some of the issues that plagued the launch of the game.

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Kingdomcome2471064d ago

I may go ahead ahead and pick the game up now seeing as how I've never played it.

1063d ago
TheCommentator1064d ago

...and there you go, better framerate and improved AA. Thanks, MS!

Kyoshi1063d ago

I remember seeing some comments about how the BC just is not good because of the issues of this one game. Now those issues are fixed. :P