How do you follow up Bloodborne? Apparently, you don’t | Kill Screen

The River of Blood, the Beast Cutter, the Surgery Altar, the Astral Clocktower, the Blood of Adeline, the Nightmare Church, the Underground Corpse Pile, the Holy Moonlight Sword, the Beasthunter Saif: the settings and armaments that furnish The Old Hunters will certainly sound familiar to veterans of Bloodborne. So too will its macabre menagerie: the Bloodlickers and the Parasites, the Winter Lanterns and the Nightmare Executioners. One can well imagine a brainstorming session at From Software, the developers trying to think gloomily as they thumb a dog-eared thesaurus. The Despairing Cutlass? The Infirmary of Sorrow? You half-expect to wander into the A Bit Crestfallen Caverns or pick up a rapier called Glum. They’d better leave Bloodborne alone after this expansion. They’re running out of synonyms for bad.

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itsjustexuma3117d ago

Or maybe you're just horrible at it

Mr Lahey3117d ago

Lol! Too late, no one's gonna click your link anyways..

moegooner883117d ago

Brilliant game. Well done FS.

Nivekki3117d ago


That pretty much sums up the review.

'It’s safe to say that I’ve had enough of Bloodborne—enough of Yharnam and the Hunter’s Nightmare, enough of blood echoes and quicksilver bullets, enough of grinding and more than enough of dying. Indeed I think I’d had enough before The Old Hunters started.'

The key part of that quote is this -

'Indeed I think I’d had enough before The Old Hunters started.'

He clearly didn't even want to play it, if you don't want to play something you're not going to enjoy it.

Maybe he shouldn't have reviewed the game and let someone who did want to play it do it instead.

Omnisonne3117d ago

This happens too often, people reviewing games they already dislike beforehand and letting it influence the eventual outcome.

Becomes more of an opinion piece than a level-headed review

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Dudeson728d ago

Damn, I feel stupid when years ago I played all the dlc for fallout 3 except the pitt. My younger ass looked at it and thought it was boring without trying I believe... Well good reason to fire up the old dusty ps3!

PhillyDillyDee728d ago

Bethesda usually does great DLC. Makes sense they are on the list 3 times.

generic-user-name728d ago

Solid list, I'd add inFamous: Festival of Blood, although it was a standalone download, it still felt like an inFamous 2 expansion.

Blood and Wine might be the best ever though.

SullysCigar728d ago

I'd also add in Horizon The Frozen Wilds. As I started it, I wasn't sure I had the energy, but my God that was awesome. Some of the best weapons, enemies and missions in Horizon for sure.

727d ago
RaidenBlack727d ago

Blood and Wine is always the reason these "best DLC of all time" list gets made in the first place nowadays.
Don't think CDPR can come any where near with any upcoming CP2077 DLC.

Silly Mammo728d ago

I have beaten Bloodborne but though i have the DLC I never played through it. For now I want to wait and see if it gets a Bluepoint remake.

anast728d ago

It's the best DLC in the genre. You are missing out.

SarwarRon728d ago

I double that. If you've liked Bloodborne, don't miss out The Old Hunters.

727d ago
MadLad728d ago

I skipped on Demons Souls remake, but Bloodborne would be day one. I love the game, but it is very, very jaggy and really needs a 60fps edition.

anast728d ago

I didn't like Blood and Wine too much, but the grandmaster gear is worth it.