The 11 Most Difficult Soulsborne Bosses

Praise the sun. It's been just over a year since we said farewell to the Dark Souls series, but it still lingers like that ex who you stayed with even though they treated you like dirt. In memory of those times, here are the 11 most difficult Soulsborne bosses. Prepare to die. A lot.

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Orionsangel289d ago

Ironically tonight I finally beat the Dancer of the Boreal Valley. She was quite the annoying boss.

gammaray13289d ago

what a shit list or are these just crap at the game's

themodern_age289d ago

the "gank squad" in Dark Souls 2 dlc was a nightmare...

Bastrad288d ago

There was a lot of running with that 'Boss' fight. Chipping away and running.

themodern_age288d ago

that was the only boss fight that took me over a week to figure out. they whooped me good for awhile lol.

mj9289d ago

Darkeater Midir is missing