2 of FromSoftware's best compete - Bloodborne vs. Dark Souls III

"FromSoftware started the Souls-like genre over a decade ago so let's revisit a couple of their masterpieces and see which one wins." - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums

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VideoChums1910d ago

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starchild1908d ago

I enjoyed DS3 more than Bloodborne. Overall the quality of their gameplay and aesthetic is on par, but I hated Bloodborne's framepacing issues and jagginess due to poor anti-aliasing and fairly low resolution which did lower the quality of the experience for me.

Sekiro, though, is likely going to be my favorite From Software game by far. I love the new combat, the stealth aspect, the feudal Japanese setting, the story, and how good it looks and runs.

nitus101908d ago

I think all the Souls games and Bloodborne are excellent with Dark Souls 3 being the best of the Souls games. IMHO Bloodborne is Different in that it is Gothic Horror.

For new players, I would recommend Dark Souls 2 first since IMHO it has a very good introduction and depending on your choice of the two initial paths when you reach Majula you can have an easier (Forest of Fallen Giants) or more difficult (Heide's Tower of Flame) challenge when you are are at a fairly low level.

Playing DS2 first basically forces you to learn to fight without lock-on in certain places and this skill can be very useful in DS3 especially against mob enemies.

BTW. You will first meet the Pursuer when you do the Forest of Fallen Giants and this being is much more difficult than anything you meet in Heide's Tower of Flame. Fortunately, you can avoid fighting it and you can get help to fight it later on, although there is a reason why they call this creature the Pursuer.

Hint: Beware of crossing water when playing DS2 since you can drown. You won't have this problem with DS3.

Note: In DS3 you can find a spell and ring that can be used for stealth and these are very useful in certain areas.

winter_hill1910d ago

I enjoyed DS3 up to a point, but I'll take Bloodborne ANY day over it.

MoshA1908d ago

Lmao Bandai Namco made FromSoft rush DS3 hence all the cut content such as day and night cycle. But now FromSoftware are calling the shots, and with Miyazaki being fully in charge now, they are never going to release garbage like DS2/3 ever again.

PurpHerbison1908d ago

DS3 isn't garbage but they are undeniably at their best when they start fresh. Demons Souls, Dark Souls 1, Bloodborne, and now Sekiro.

Movefasta19931908d ago

day and night cycle would have been LIT! I hope they bring that back with bloodborne 2, at night enemies could morph into werewolveses ect making it harder but more exp.

william_cade1908d ago

Like most Bloodborne over DS 1, "2", and 3. Great games over all. Perhaps one of the best group of games all time.