Q&A: Insomniac CEO Ted Price talks Resistance

GamePro's Vicious Sid recently sat down with the CEO of Insomniac Games, Ted Price, to talk about Resistance: Fall of Man and the challenges of working with the high-tech PlayStation 3 hardware.

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Maddens Raiders5250d ago

Its funny that the author writes:
-- "Price waves important things like the lack of a rumble feature in the Sixaxis controller off as if they’re not big deal."

and then Price states directly:
-- "In Resistance, you’re getting hit a lot and firing all the time. If we were to use the rumble like we did in Ratchet, it would never stop rumbling. That’s one potential drawback. Me personally, I like the lighter controller. And I actually like the way the controller feels in terms of the way the dead zones between the sticks have been decreased. Nobody here really misses it."

Now, who is the game maker here and who is the author?lol

CompGeek5249d ago

It's not supposed to rumble when you pull the trigger, it's supposed to rumble when you get hit.

BIadestarX5249d ago

I didn't read the article since there is no need. We all know what Insomniac is going to say. If they say something negative or the truth (i.e. rumble would make the game better) then it can be seing as a weakness on the PS3. They are first party; they can't be honest since they bread and butter depends on it. Why don't you go and ask bungie if not having HD-DVD or an integrated harddrive is a problem?

DJ5249d ago

I actually got very annoyed with the rumble feature. The controller was shaking nonstop while I was flying, so much that I had to let go and shake off my hands every few minutes. And after playing Motorstorm over and over with lack of rumble, I can say that I don't miss it all that much.

As for Gears, haven't had to luxury of playing it yet, but based off the glitch videos it utilizes extremely low resolution textures for the environment, and hides that by using blatantly repeated normal mapping. They pushed the storage capacity of the 360 to its limits.

Resistance not only has a longer campaign mode, but significantly more multiplayer modes and features. That would explain why it's more than twice the size of Gears in terms of data, with compression of course.

pbo2m35249d ago (Edited 5249d ago )

You are way off about GOW. We all know that you're a Sony fan. So you're saying that Resistance is a better game. I know that that is your opinion, but most other poeple disagree with you. Resis. is not even in the same league as GOW. So the campaign is a little longer, so what. All I do now is play live once I beat it on all three settings.

If resis. came out for the 360 and GOW came out for the PS3 then you would say that Gears is much better. That is the problem with fanboys. Judge a game for what it is and not what system it is on. I've played Resis and it'a not a bad game but not even close to being a GOW.

DJ5249d ago

Either way, it was a stupid post. Unfortunately, this site doesn't let me edit my comments anymore. In fact, most of the time I just get an error screen just when posting stuff. Thought it was just an issue with my comp, but it happens on other comps as well.

Juevani5249d ago (Edited 5249d ago )

that is an artical on the net about microsoft comparing GOW and RFOM infront of some people on hd-tvs, people couldnt see the dif in graphics, so the ms guy just change the subject (busted) I have'nt played resistance yet, but I've played Gears and Im not blown away to say it in that way, I prolly wont be blown away by playin resistance either but the thing is if I like a game I want the storie 2 be long (RFOM have a longer storie) I want my online play without leggin (RFOM = no leggin) I want more maps and options online and in game (RFOM has it all) and last but no least I want my game 2 have a storie (RFOM have one) so from my point of view RFOM is a bettah game.. true GOW have sold alot but thats becus of all the graphic hype (which is good but not wow I cant believe my eyes)

Damn u news4gamers mods, I can't post more then 1 time, it bothers me..

testerg355249d ago

From what I read of reviews, its RFOM that suffers from bad textures when you get close. I just read that in the latest EGM.

FamoAmo5249d ago

I have played Resistance both online and single player and I can honestly say it is NOT Next-Gen. The explosions suck the feel while your playing suck. Graphics suck. I thought the game was horrible.. To even compare this to GOW is rediculous. GOW blows any game released away for sure. I am addicted to that game... 1 more thing I would like to add is that the PS3 controller doesn't feel right. The trigger is no trigger its like a button. With the 360 you can ease the trigger back to fire slowly, faster..The PS3 is sleek and quiet but other than that its like a PS2 on steroids...

dantesparda5248d ago

I have GoW and my roommate has Resistance and Ive beaten GoW on insane and seen hours of RFOM. And they are both just alright at best. RFOM texture quality is a mixed bag, half bumped/normal/parallaxed mapped and half not. GoW does has better overall textures, but GoW also has more graphical glitches with texture pop-in and just straight-up bugs. RFOM also has way more objects and action on-screen than GoW. Its also MUCH longer than GoW (which in my opinion is a bad thing, its just TOO long, gets tiring after awhile), and GoW's world is more confined than RFOM. But GoW does a better overall job of demonstrating the systems power. But they are both just way to repetitive for me. Also RFOM has much better weapons. Gears weapons suck really, its just the same macine gun all game long, the rocket launcher doesnt come that often, i hate the time limit on the Bow, and head shooting on the game sucks unless you use the sniper rifle, which has horrible reload. I have only played a little bit of RFOM and i can honestly say, that its too actioned packed, the WHOLE time. I dont like that either, pace it people give me moments that feel like an all out war and some quiet sneaky parts, no just boom, boom, boom, shoot, shoot, shoot all out war all the time. Both games are only alright. Nothing special GoW is shallow and all about nothing but gfx, and RFOM is just nothing more than just shoot, shoot, shoot

DJ5246d ago

And with Resistance you can tell that they simply didn't have enough time to do normal mapping on everything, and instead had to resort to parallex (Untold Legends hit the same time constraint and used the same solution). Gears was in production since before the Xbox 360 was even fully designed, and that equals a lot of valuable time to perfect their in-game content. Hopefully Insomniac will learn a few things from Epic and implement full normal mapping onto their future titles, as time-consuming as it may be.

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testerg355249d ago (Edited 5249d ago )

You keep stating that RFOM is better than GOW, but in EVERY review GOW beats RFOM. And now that they have the game of the year awards, RFOM is not even in the same league.

5asawi5249d ago

if u read what juevani wrote : 'so in my point of view rfom is bettah than gow'. plus the artical comparing gow and rfom wrote that people couldnt see any dif between gow and rfom graphicly.. gow is number basicly becus it has sold alot, 2 mill.. rfom didnt sell that much becus there is just a few PS3s out there, but it come at nr 5 and thats very impressing since the game didnt sells alot, so that means it come at nr 5 becus of its preformance, my guese is that rfom will sell like crazy in march, just guesing.. juevani are u gonna be online on pes6 tonight? oh sh1t u cant answer, just send an email.

THAMMER15249d ago

"If we were to use the rumble like we did in Ratchet, it would never stop rumbling."

That is my favorite part.

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