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Nintendo Explains Why Xenoblade Chronicles X Lacks Substantial Marketing

"In a recent interview with Dianne Segovia, the manager of marketing for Nintendo of Latin America, Segovia was asked about why Xenoblade Chronicles X lacks a large marketing push," -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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Community3131d ago
Neonridr3131d ago

Well in all fairness, they are interviewing the marketing manager of Latin America. I can't imagine there is a ton of marketing driven into that area period just simply due to the install base in that territory.

masso91123131d ago

I'm from Latin America... Mexico to be exact, and at least in the city I live, Wii U is pretty popular, on par with PS4, and absolutely no one has an XboxOne, and a pretty big ammount of people like JRPG's

Neonridr3131d ago

fair enough, thanks for sharing.

I don't agree with their thinking regardless. Xenoblade deserves better.

WildArmed3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

I think fans of niche genres like Jrpgs are willin to do their own research. I've never needed an ad to tell me how badly I want xenoblade chronicles X.

With the genre being small as it is, I think most of us stay in the loop.

We know where are games are and when they are coming out :D

ChronoJoe3131d ago

How can you say that? the data we have so far suggests something completely different.

In 2014, the xbox one was reporting to be outselling the PS4 in Mexico. I don't know how much has changed, but clearly 'no one has an xbox one' isn't true.

Metallox3131d ago


His city does not represent the whole Mexican territory

It's not like I trust in him though.

masso91123129d ago


Maybe in the whole country that's the case, but I'm just talking about the city I live in

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3-4-53131d ago

* RPG fans are usually gamers who like paying full price real money for the games they love. They will research the crap out of a game and wait patiently for it's release, and spread the new via word of mouth on game forums and what not.

RPG fans usually do a lot of the marketing themselves to be honest. It's a passionate fan base, not that they are all the same, but RPG fans will know all about it, either day one or within the first week of release.

One Nice commercial couldn't hurt though.

iplay1up23131d ago

I rarely play JRPG's but this one just looks so cool I can't pass it up. I have been watching this game a long time, and can't wait for this!less than two weeks.

I definitely think this deserves a commercial.

pcz3131d ago

marketing has been nintendo's week point for many years now. they are historically poor when it comes to advertising. its a running joke.

nintendo seem to expect the public to just know when a game hits the shelves. sure, you see the odd advert here and there for DS games on tv, but what about the billboard ads on the street? what about the sides of busses?

ALL the major films and games use these type of advertising, i can honestly say i have never seen a mario billboard, never seen mario on the side of a bus. wouldnt it be cool to see xenoblade in those very public settings? EVERYONE would see it.

i have only seen xenoblade x ads on youtube, and i dont think anybody pays attention to ads on youtube, they skip those as soon as the option becomes available.

nintendo need to fix this issue going forward

rjason123131d ago

They really do need to get some better marketing.

Errefus3131d ago

Every time i go to Mexico, Nintendo ads are everywhere... i am sure this game will get some ad here and there but not a lot. tbh i am surprised to see wii u ads on billboards in mexico but then again the market over there is pretty much Nintendo and Sony controlled.

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MoveTheGlow3131d ago

Hmm. I think this makes sense, in a way - they're going to rely on reviews and word-of-mouth. If reviews are high enough, it'll hit bigger outlets that gamers see and visit. If it's talked about a lot, you'll see streamers jumping on board.

But a game like this isn't easy to convey in mass marketing to gamers who aren't big JRPG fans already. They'll need outside assurance, such as reviews and testimonials from friends, in order to assure that this thing is worth playing almost *despite* the art style.

Yi-Long3131d ago

I'm sure the game will be fine, but I believe this game would be appealing to the Anime-crowd, but the lack of the original Japanese voices in this release will also mean negative word of mouth among that community, which usually values having the original language included.

Sly-Lupin3131d ago

Lacks substantial marketing?

I haven't seen any advertisements for any Nintendo products anywhere since 2008 or so.

Skate-AK3131d ago

I have seen some. A Wii U one, Super Smash Bros Wii U, Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask 3ds and Splatoon. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. This is in America.

blawren43130d ago

What is your definition of marketing and advertising? Nothing at all since 2008!?

Sly-Lupin3128d ago

The same as anyone else's. I haven't seen any online ads of any kind, nor any television ads since the "We would like to play" campaign. Hell, even third party marketing for Nintendo stuff is hard to come by because most news outlets either only cover Nintendo, or everyone *but* Nintendo, and Nintendo also seems to really hate the idea of anyone talking about their games on YouTube.

wonderfulmonkeyman3131d ago

That's just the Latin America branch, though; what about the lack of wide-spread media advertisement out here in other parts of the USA?

Nintendo's weakest point is marketing; it's why the Wii U wasn't named something else, it's why the system doesn't look different enough from the Wii outside of the controller, and in turn it caused them to be unable to explain the appeal of the system appropriately.
That on top of many great games not getting the marketing they need or deserve.

If Nintendo wants to move forward and grab a larger market share with the NX, the very first thing they need to do is HIRE SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO MARKET APPROPRIATELY IN THE STATES.
Splatoon's marketing was excellent; they need to do more of that for more of their games, if they hope to see the NX launch well, let alone give the Wii U's last two years on the market a better-than-average send-off.

MoveTheGlow3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Yes, but it's possible that hiring won't be necessary. They're really getting their bearings with the way both Splatoon (which you mentioned) and Super Mario Maker have been marketed. I'm guessing that, just like with the console, a newer overall marketing strategy is in the works by these guys and we'll see the new look for Nintendo in ads by the end of next year.

wonderfulmonkeyman3131d ago

I hope that's the case, because Xenoblade X could sure have used some of that Splatoon mojo...

Errefus3131d ago

NOA sucks at marketing, they like dont give a fuk.. We are getting devils third soon and no marketing or nothing.

I expect X to get nothing here... Really wish NOA will step up their game.

DonBugen3131d ago

Makes perfect sense. After all, RPG fans are born knowing exactly what an RPG is and how to play one; they have a natural instinct to go online to look for these games. No one ever just stumbled onto an RPG and found out that they love it. And it's not as if Wii U owners want mature, fantastic open-world games or anything.

I mean, it's not as if any other RPGs have ever been widely promoted, done fantastically well and sold massive amounts of games, getting tons of fans, this gen or any other. I mean, ignoring Skyrim, Fallout 3, Final Fantasy VII, Fable, even Zelda... it hardly ever works, really.