Top 10 Wii U Games That Still Need Switch Ports

Jacob S. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "There is still a handful of titles deserving to be brought over in some capacity and today, we take a moment to look at the ten best possible Wii U ports that should find their way to the Nintendo Switch."

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phoenixwing736d ago (Edited 736d ago )

the only switch port i've genuinely wanted was xenoblade chronicles x which ironically is the one they say they can't port at all due to tech limitations. All the other switch ports i didn't really want.

Firebird360735d ago

X is my personal favorite chronicles game.

O-D-C735d ago

I just want it to get a real ending...

IanTH735d ago (Edited 735d ago )

Leave whatever slim pickings are left on the Wii U alone! There are so few games left that are exclusive to that poor machine that it lacks any identity. Put effort into making new games! If only I never bought a Wii U, my Switch would probably feel like a much better console with a wider variety of unique games.

mcstorm735d ago

Tbh still perfer the wiiu to the switch. I also personally felt this this the best console of last gen.

Considering it emwas only on the market for a few years to. Definitely has a place like the Dreamcast did to.

Knightofelemia735d ago

Twilight Princess would be a day one for me I wish Nintendo would bring over Star Fox Adventures from the Gamecube that game has my interest peaked and I missed out on it a long time ago.

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