Where Are The Wind Waker And Twilight Princess Switch Remasters At?

Nintendo is a weird company. It has the most illustrious legacy of any single company in the medium and seldom chooses to take advantage of that fact. Countless classics are confined to their original platforms or only available through outdated retail models or a cheeky bit of emulation.

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Knightofelemia193d ago

I want a Twilight Princess HD for the Switch I would day one it right now.

GoodGuy09193d ago

This holiday would've been great and it would've calmed my hunger for tears of the kingdom. It supposedly exists but why has it taken this long I wonder. Here's hoping it still releases before totk, maybe a trailer at the game awards and a shadow drop.

Double_O_Revan193d ago

I wouldn't hope too hard. The Metroid Prime Trilogy or even just Prime 1 remaster supposedly exists and has been complete for several years now. Either Nintendo are evil bastards, or everyone claiming it's existence is full of shit. Frankly, I believe both scenarios to be true.

Immagaiden193d ago

Wii U was such a great to play every 3D Zelda game and various 2D ones as well

It'd be nice if Switch caught up to that wealth of legacy content

Inverno193d ago

Booted up WW HD through emulation on Deck. Forgot how much I like that game, it's so charming with how expressive Link is. Ninty has taken too long.

ZeekQuattro193d ago

Nintendo wants the focus on tears of the kingdom. Though with these year Zelda old rumors I question if the collection ever existed for the Switch. Much like the Prime Trilogy that evolved into a remake or remaster of just Prime 1 in recent months.