GRAW 2 Interview

CVG sat down to chat with the game's content producer at Ubisoft Paris, Olivier Dauba.

In the interview Dauba reveals more details on the Clancy sequel, shares his experiences so far developing the follow-up and reveals what its like competing with that other 360 tactical shooter.

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jp 1174347d ago

but i hope they change the cover system where you can hide behinde walls and stuff like you could in the single player.And make the movement a little more free like in gears

PS360PCROCKS4347d ago

THANK GOD! Their fixing the A.I. and giving you a medic, theirs too many times your in the red and your just plain screwed cause your flanked from everywhere and than on top of that your guys are standing in the open taking all the shots and just falling like morons and you cant pick them up cause your almost dead. Graw was good, but it was overshadowed by the annoyances of your teams bad A.I. Also I don't know what this guys talking about, GRAW is just as repetitive as GOW, GOW goes from outside to inside, to underground, to a train etc...GOW may be good to him for only 10 minutes, but it's been good for me for atleast a month now

no_more_heroes4347d ago

when you have good competition. You try to downplay them and make your product look better.

Marriot VP4347d ago

better have online co-op, that's the new industry standard.

Grown Folks Talk4347d ago

don't know why they would change that.

MicroGamer4346d ago

Everyone is going to be talking smack about it to try to steal away some of the spotlight. All I can say to that is, you don't talk down a good game unless your game is miles away better. It's like a game company saying their RPG is better than FF or their new cutesy kiddie game is more fun than Mario. There better be some truth to what they say, because gamers aren't very forgiving when they shell out 60 bucks for a crap game.