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I really liked last year’s Assassin’s Creed Unity. In fact I liked it so much I gave it 8/10 despite – as I pointed out at the time – some of its glaring technical issues on current-gen consoles. Those technical issues, and worse ones that came to light following the PC release that were so face-missingly comical that they become an overnight meme, would prove to be Unity’s enduring legacy.

The follow up, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, must put these issues to rest if it is going to avoid the same fate. Unfortunately, from the preview build I played last week, there’s little evidence to suggest it has eradicated all of its major problems. In fact, if I were Ubisoft, I’d be seriously considering a delay.

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davemyrose921120d ago

Lol I hope not for ubisoft sake ha, but I'm not buying this day one I was already fooled once into buying a broken game with unity,

Dario_DC1120d ago

It's still quite buggy from what I've seen on the PS4 but it seems to run better... There are tons of bugs thou.. Maybe not game breaking but still not good.

Hoffmann1120d ago

Never buy an AC at launch anymore.

Meltic1120d ago

i will rent this from my library. They have ps4 games to rent for free 1 week for a game. So i will rent this shit and then return it and never touch it again.

Simco8761120d ago

You have an awesome library.

Meltic1120d ago

Yeah we learn when we read and we learn when we play video games so my library is good here i live :). I havent bought so many games beacuse ive rent most of them. The only game that i have left that i bought is infamous second son. That game is in my heart i love the game.

Summons751120d ago

That's awesome, my library doesn't believe in books from the decade let alone a game....I also hate used books as much as I hate used games so I don't really go to the library.

Heyxyz1120d ago

Yeah, my library does the same thing!

Simco8761120d ago

If it's broke like Unity then I don't know what Ubi is doing. They need to go back to the drawing board and take a year or two off the series.

I mean look at Witcher 3/Fallout 4. Maybe don't take 4-5 years, but at least put some investment in the series. Repair the story back to AC II.

Whatever, $$$$$$ rules all.

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