PS4 Exec On Rise of the Tomb Raider's Xbox One Timed Exclusivity: 'Not Too Concern About This Delay'

Rise of the Tomb Raider, the follow up to the Tomb Raider reboot back in 2013, will launch on the PlayStation 4, a full year after the game launches on the Xbox One later this year.

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AngelicIceDiamond1549d ago

You know why? The "B" word Buissness. Besides Sony has MANY third party exclsucive deals going on themselves so there's absolutley no concern on Sony's end, considering its just one game.

Neonridr1549d ago

yep, these things are going to happen. Sony has plenty of deals going on for themselves that are advantageous. They can't have them all.

Abash1549d ago

I think it has more to do with how far ahead they are in console sales this gen. Tomb Raider exclusivity for a year isn't going to harm them at all so its easy to see why they dont care

Neonridr1549d ago

@Abash - fair enough, I mean it was a smart move by MS's part. But the game will still come along on the PS4. Will probably include any and all DLC and may even run a little more solidly. So gamers will still have a great game to play if they aren't salty about the deal to begin with.

4Sh0w1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Yeah why would he be?....even if it was exclusive both Microsoft and Sony just need to be "concerned" with what IS on their platform; I mean unless theres some sort of trend of losing 3rd party multipats and thats not gonna happen $$$, just a few business deals for each.

donthate1548d ago

Actually, I'm glad MS is investing into first party titles instead of going after these third party ones.

Leave that to someone else, because those third party games will be on your platform of choice anyhow.

I think MS first party lineup for next year is just stellar, let alone this year. I expect whatever to come beyond will be even more awesome! :D

TheDrunkenJester1548d ago

Neon, I'm not sure they will do a "gold" edition for the PS4's initial release because they want to still make money on any DLC and season pass purchases. The game may run better if they decide to work on it separately during the year, but I'm sure the game is already running on PS4, but their contract says they can't release the PS4 version for a year.

Major_Glitch1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Ugh. Fine. I'll say it. Microsoft wasted a LOT of money on this timed exclusive deal. Allow me to prove my point. The only time anyone talks about Tomb Raider is when they're discussing it's timed exclusivity. Even here on N4G. Disagree? Then please link any TR article that doesn't discuss it's timed exclusivity that has more than 10 comments. Go on. I'll wait.
PS. Wait a minute. Didn't a bunch of Xbox owners say something like Tomb Raider wasn't coming to the PS4? What happened with that guys?

kingfetish171548d ago

I'm still waiting for a price drop on the PS4 version of Tomb Raider and I still have a major PS3 backlog to get through. Btw, I haven't even bought a current gen console yet, so the PS4 version of Rise of TR can wait. I'll most likely purchase the inevitable Uncharted 4 PS4 bundle when that releases.

NewMonday1548d ago


"..unless theres some sort of trend of losing 3rd party multipats and thats not gonna happen $$$"

XBox One dose have a trend of losing 3rd party games just because publishers don't see a benefit.

Nier 2 developed by Platinum's Bayonetta2 team.
Dragon Quest Heroes
Dragon Quest Builders
Dragon Quest 11
Star Ocean 5
Tales games
Final Fantasy World
NiOh from Team Ninja
Kingdom Hearts 2.8

basically Japan devs will mostly stop making games games for X1

and no Sony are not paying for them because they are not even promoting them same way they do with the games they actually have a deal for like SF5, NMS.

BenRage31548d ago

Games are games are games. When we play them isn't as important as simply playing them. Sometimes I get to games a couple of years late due to my very large backlog. As long as I get to the game eventually, I am a happy guy. So what Xbox owners get to play it first. Does that make the game any less fun? I don't think so. First world problems at their finest.

There's plenty of stuff to play in the meantime especially if you own multiple platforms. It's all good. :)

creeping judas1548d ago


No talk of exclusivity

No talk of exclusivity? Would you like me to keep going? There is plenty of articles even here on N4G that don't mention the exclusivity. It's just that the articles that do mention it, have both sides going at each other.

Major_Glitch1548d ago

@creeping Two articles?! Oh yeah. TR is definitely a hot topic. You do realize that this still doesn't mean anything right? Microsoft STILL wasted a lot of MONEY on this TIMED exclusivity deal. But hey if you think a multi-platform game that has no MP and no nudity will move consoles, then more power to you.

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Bigpappy1549d ago

Why be concerned? Its not like there is anything they can or should do about it. They got SF5... I and sure M$ isn't concerned with that either. Win some loose some.

Why o why1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Hmmm, the biggest longest running fighting game as an exclusive vs a very good game timed...... yeah, ms ain't concerned one

raggy-rocket1549d ago

@Why o why But Tomb Raider's genre is insanely more popular than fighting genre

BlackTar1871549d ago

Hi Raggy

Didn't SF4 outsell TR on xbox 360 and SF4 also outsold tomb raider on ps3. The ps3 SF sold as much as both consoles TR combine i think.

So i do agree with you on a general term but Street fighter is pretty huge and more of a name then Tomb raider is.

Automatic791549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

@whyowhy both companies have great third party support going forward from September to next year, hence reason why he ain't concerned with year exclusivity. PS4 has done great with 3rd party deals, Metal Gear, Mad Max,Assassins Creed, Destiny, Battlefront and Call of Duty and Street Fighter. Xbox One has some great third parties also, with TombRaider, Fallout 4, Rainbow Six, Just Cause 3, Dark Souls 3, Plants vs Zombies GW 2, Homefront 2, The Division. Both companies at this point and time are doing there own thing and are not concerned with one another. They are concerned with growing there individual platforms for new audiences.

DragonDDark1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

SFIV outsold TR last gen.

Godmars2901549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Because when it happens with Sony it tends to be more genuine. Like all the PS-only titles being announced in Japan (Which was why JP was important to MS). Whereas with a deal like this there's a few sour notes from it being a sequel to a multiplatform series, or limited directly because of backdoor dealing after it was announced.

@Why o why:
A game that's going to be drawing a lot of attention from tournament gamers at that which - very likely - wont be on the X1 at all.

StanLee1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Is it me or is there little excitement for Street Fighter V. There was a lot of excitement for Street Fighter IV. It was basically a reboot of the franchise. Street Fighter V hasn't garnered much excitement even though there has been character reveals consistently, and it releases next March. There is just little excitement surrounding the release. Even news articles about character reveals here on are sparce. I'm sure Sony was counting on a much bigger impact when the sequel was revealed but Street Fighter IV iterated so much, people are still playing Ultra, even competitively. Maybe that's the reason.

ABizzel11549d ago


This whole thing is off topic, because it's suppose to be about TR not SF. But to answer your question, SF has reach that level of where there's no need to even worry about it anymore, it's almost guaranteed to be a good game.

The reason SF4 has so much hype was because it had been A LOOOOOOONG time since we had one. SF3 came out in 1997, and SF4 didn't launch until 2008. So there was tons of hype and anticipation. That's 8 years for sequel, but SF4 had tons of iterations to hold people over, and now SFV already looks great has a good amount of new characters, fan faves, and some character who have been MIA for over a decade. There's hype there, but it's still a year off, and we already expect it to be a great game.

Same with Uncharted 4. There's no need to hype something that's already proven it's the best or one of the best the genre has to offer.

StanLee1549d ago

My bad, honestly, I saw Street Fighter and asked. No one posts in a Street Fighter article but anything fanboys can snipe at and you'll have hundreds of posts.

jetlian1548d ago

TR as a series outsold SF last gen. Even reboot sold equal to SF4 plus all other versions combined.

donthate1548d ago


"Because when it happens with Sony it tends to be more genuine."

Right, it always seems like that when you are a Sony fanboy!

"Like all the PS-only titles being announced in Japan (Which was why JP was important to MS)."

But it no longer is, because Japan is a dying market and the games hasn't evolved in a decade. Even for PS4 in the west, only a select few of Japanese specific games get localized and ported.

"Whereas with a deal like this there's a few sour notes from it being a sequel to a multiplatform series, or limited directly because of backdoor dealing after it was announced"

You mean like how Capcom executives announced in back door discussions about SFV coming to both Xbox One and PS4, only to have Sony "snag" it as an exclusive?

In June of 2014, this was reported:

"According to Sponichi Annex, Street Fighter 5 is still years away from release, but Capcom is looking to put it out on the PS4 and Xbox One, at least as far as home video game consoles are concerned."

Mars, you must have felt how genuine Sony was, uh?!

BlackTar1871548d ago


7 TR games on ps3 sold:4.53 Global
7 TR Games on 360: 3.68 Global

1 SF game 360:2.88 Global
1 Sf Game ps3:4.10

Congratulations lol pretty apples to apples comparison /s

now lets take out all the TR games we weren't talking about

TR:4.29 Global
SF4:6.98 Global Over 2 million more units sold.

freshslicepizza1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

"Because when it happens with Sony it tends to be more genuine."

what's genuine about using software as leverage to exclude others to help sell hardware? there's nothing genuine about whether it's microsoft doing it for tomb raider or sony doing it for no mans sky. same thing with dlc for grand theft auto iv microsoft paid for or a timed exclusive deal sony had for gta san andreas on the ps2.

it's time consumers spoke up and said none of it is good or all of it is good regarding games they are not helping develop. you can't play favorites just because you like one company more than the other.

jetlian1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

black what in the world are you talking about? All combined SF4 sales hit 8 million that theres also 4 games within the SF4 line

from legends, ann, and underworld TR had over 6 million before reboot came out!!! Also this was before ps3 got the collection with ann in it!!

Like I said TR outsold SF last gen as a series so no sf ISNT A BIGGER NAME.

fact is TR will out sell SF5 i'll bet you money on it

Godmars2901548d ago

Because rumor or reports from beginning bargaining is the same as official, formal/public announcements? Cause that's the same issue with TR, which was shown off publicity with no indication that the sequel was going exclusive, to when when was shown off again as an exclusive, though not really, versus the very first time SF5 was formally rolled out it was as what it was.

As Capcom and Sony are spinning it SF5 as an exclusive is why its going to be out 2-3 earlier than it could have been given Capcom's financial situation - if such is really even a factor given that all they've announced. But its still what they're saying.

And no, its not good for everyone in the gaming community when a multi goes exclusive. But at the same time not every dev or publisher can afford to put every game on every platform. For technical and financial reasons.

Imalwaysright1548d ago

@ Jetlian

If SF4 sold 8 million copies then TR 2013 alone outsold it. TR 2013 sold 8.5 million copies.

freshslicepizza1548d ago

"But at the same time not every dev or publisher can afford to put every game on every platform. For technical and financial reasons."

that's true but you know there are those out there on the forums who actually want games to stay exclusive. can you tell me a logical reason why it matters after it's already out?

1548d ago
BlackTar1871548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

So i wasn't including PC at all but okay.

And yes TR sold 8.5 million with PS3,PS4,XBOX 360 and XBOX 1 and PC.

Thought we were talking about last gen not an article from 2015 saying it hit 8.5 million including the current gen format.

Pretty weird.

Also you want to bet that Tomb Raider xbox one will sell more then SF5 ps4? I'll take that bet. PS3 sold almost 50% of TR lifetime sales on 5 formats.

So exclude ps4 and xbox one and you have 7.3 million( I won't exclude the 3 million for PC just because i wasn't talking about PC since they are never defined by gens) which we don't even know if it's over Sf since we can't count for some of the add-ons and the stand alone SF4 on ps3 and 360 sold 6.9 million. So on consoles SF is bigger then TR based on SF4 vs TR reboot on PS3 and Xbox 360

Why o why1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

'Is it me or is there little excitement for Street Fighter V.'


Yes my friend...its probably you and many of your brethren. I understand the whole angle of 'street fighter not being important anymore'. Fact is its thee most popular and played fighting franchise. I mentioned streetfighter because one of your brethren compared its exclusivity to a game which has a timed exclusivity period..... How can the two be compared ? The levels of concern would surely differ so thr sfv name drop made little sense. People really think ms wouldn't want one of the biggest gaming franchises on their platform. ....sure, likewise you think sony had zero concern ......I don't but they won't be 'too concerned' as they know their platform will eventually have it.

I apologise if this strayed off topic but people are trying to flip or deflect what was said into a 'whats more popular' debate.... its not, streetfighter is the most popular fighting game. Tr is one of the most popular action adventure games..., whats more poular or sold more isn't even the point.

1548d ago
Imalwaysright1548d ago

@ BlackTar187

This was originally a discussion of which is more popular, TR or SF. Trying to limit this discussion to last gen consoles to fit your dumbass PS fanboy agenda means 0 to me.

If jetlian's SF numbers are correct then TR 2013 is more popular than SF4 because more people wanted to play it. SF isn't more popular than TR and TR reached it's 8.5 million in 2 years and SF reached its 8 million in 6 years.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1549d ago

Those third party exclusives deals are due to the console being on the lead. What you mean is they have the advertisement deals, not that many 3rd party games are coming exclusively to PS4.

They got Street Fighter 5. I don't think MS has to worry about that either.

I say there's nothing to worry about. I'll wait for the PS4 version. In the meantime, we will be playing Fallout 4, which releases the same day. This game is launching in the wrong date, I'm afraid.

Septic1549d ago

Ah so no money hatting involved when Sony does it....smh

gangsta_red1549d ago

I love all this new found concern for TR all of a sudden.

I don't remember any of this sentiment and people being this worried when TR was thought to be on both consoles or going up against Uncharted 4.

Now all of a sudden TR is going to be buried, forgotten and overlooked...and yet we still get people commenting on how they will wait a year for it to come on PS4.

triple_c1549d ago


"Ah so no money hatting involved when Sony does it....smh"

The reason people complained about Microsoft buying 3rd party content last generation was because the only AAA games the 360 was getting mid - end of last gen was Gears, Halo and Forza and Microsoft was buying up 3rd party content and doing 3rd party deals and not investing money into more exclusives for the 360.

Sony on the other hand is buying 3rd party content and doing lots of 3rd party deals this gen BUT they are still investing money into lots of exclusives.

Sony buying 3rd party content and Microsoft buying 3rd party content are not the same thing.

Aloy-Boyfriend1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

@Gangsta Red

Whether I or others lost interest in this game, it is because of this 3rd party exclusivity. Yes, I was excited to get this game before that happened, and now I'm not. I'm not getting an Xbox One for one game, specially when it will eventually come to PS4. I can wait and I could care less about it too depending of what other games will be released next holiday.

So yeah, I'm getting Fallout 4 in the same day. I won't miss Rise of Tomb Raider. Is there something wrong with that?


What the Xbox fanboys don;t like to admit is that most of the criticism last gen toward MS is that they invested too much in 3rd Party deals and not in their first party content. For the last 4-5 years of last gen in which PS3 caught up, you got nothing but Halo, Forza, and gears. Yes, Phil Spencer has changed that and is heavily investing in 1st party content, But he can't change history.

Now Sony has the 3rd party deals, and yet they keep investing in their 1st party content and has released more games throughout the year than MS(Something Xbros don't like to admit either). These deals this holidays will only help them with the sparse holiday, and it is in their favor because the PS4 is in the lead, How will they say no to exclusive advertisement for the maintreamm and money-printing series like COD?

Next years seems to be packed with games for PS4, and I predict they will still secure more 3rd party deals because of sales, So I really want to see what you will say when you see exclusive 3rd party advertisement deals along with lots of exclusives coming throughout the year. What Sony spends today multiplies afterwards. They wouldn't invest shit if they knew they won't gain anything. After all MS did for an entire gen, and Sony saw the benefit of that. It's only logical

Spotie1548d ago

No moneyhatting needed when own greater than half the market all by yourself, Septic.

But you already know that.

starchild1548d ago


What you're saying sounds like an excuse, to be honest. I don't care who is doing it, I don't like platform holders to buy 3rd party exclusives. It only hurts gamers in general.

freshslicepizza1548d ago

"No moneyhatting needed when own greater than half the market all by yourself, Septic."

so sony never paid for anything in regards to get timed deals for destiny and call of duty dlc? tell us more please.

agame9141548d ago Show
DigitalRaptor1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Why are you guys again, trying to tie loose cases together as though they are the same?

Is Sony paying for exclusivity from Square Enix JRPGs, or does that company just know where its audience is, and knows that Xbox numbers would be dismal? There's no business sense in putting Star Ocean on Xbox, not after last-gen.

Time to face it... Capcom is a company that has $150 million left to run through. It needs (or maybe appreciates) support in regards to its biggest games. Dead Rising 3... would not exist without a MS deal. You can deny words from the horse's mouth, but SFV would not have seen a green light before 2018, just like a new mainline Resident Evil game won't be announced for a while. They are concentrating on remakes, remasters, and a couple of their biggest properties. Capcom needs the > 50% PlayStation 4 marketshare more than risk publishing and marketing a game on multiple platforms by themselves years before they are ready to.

You can believe one money hat is the same as another, but really nothing points towards both being the same in the slightest.

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user99502791549d ago

Seriously. ROTR is a blip on the radar IMO, and I'm sure Sony sees it the same way. Just one more game in a pile of hundreds. Without multiplayer the game wont have any long-term significance, either.

LuckyDuck121549d ago

@martin There are many games with long term significance that don't have multiplayer...

nitus101548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

The problem with on-line multiplayer is that when the servers are finally switched off and eventually they will, that aspect of the game is effectively dead.

How long before the servers are switched off depends on the game's multiplayer interest. It could be years or months.

With single player you are not dependent on servers so you can play the game indefinitely as long as you have a machine to play the game on.

Personally I have games which are over 20 years old and I still enjoy playing them on occasion. I even have an RPG PS2 game (yes a PS2 game) that has a really good single player mode although the multiplayer part is now defunct.

The only two games that I actually made use of and enjoyed the multiplayer component were Demon Souls and Dark Souls and if the on-line component was dropped you can still replay the game although it can be allot harder or easier depending how you play.

I have no interest in on-line multiplayer only games since they may be fine when new but over time they effectively become a coaster or just taking up space on my hard disk.

For many people who enjoy multiplayer that is fine and many don't really care that that part of the game will be dead eventually since they will be playing the next "shiny". :-)

I do agree that multiplayer can add to the enjoyment of a game but any long term significance depends on the single player component.

Shadowsteal1549d ago

Fallout 4 will eclipse this game just like MGSV eclipsed Mad Max. Most gamers will purchase Fallout 4 over ROTR whether or not they have a PS4 or X1.

Rookie_Monster1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Doesn't matter as GTA5 HD, Far Cry 4, and Dragon age Inquisition were all released on the same day last Holiday and all did terrific. The Holidays is a long shoping season from Black Friday all the way to Christmas so Tomb Raider will be fine. Plus, they are different genre.

XanderZane1548d ago

Fallout 4 is on how many platforms again? lol!! Yes it will outsell ROTR. That's pretty much a given. It will outsell Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, Until Dawn, and most of the PS4 exclusives as well. So not just one timed exclusive on the XB1. Doesn't mean ROTR won't sell well on it's own, cause it will.

robtion1548d ago

I actually like Mad Max better than MGSV. A lot more accessible and just fun.

I will be buying both ROTTR and Fallout 4 at launch but am more excited about TR to be honest.

TR and Bloodborne DLC are my most anticipated games for the rest of 2015, followed by Fallout 4 and Persona 5.

WelkinCole1548d ago

@rookie. Difference is TR is not available on all consoles including the leading one like those other games you mentioned.

Big difference.

Ocsta1548d ago

TR is gonna get itself destroyed. Going up against Fallout AND being excludive to the console with the smallest install base which also just so happens to have a bunch of big titles vying for said install base... Sqeenix are going to fire somebody over this.

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1548d ago Replies(8)
XanderZane1548d ago

Well, it's not really going to hurt their sales in any way, so why would they care? Even if they were concerned, you think they would tell people? By the time it hits the PS4, no one is going to care anyways. Most gamers who don't want it on the XB1 will just grab it for the PC. This same scenario happened last gen with games like Tales of Vesperia, Eternal Sonata, Enchanted Arms, etc.. which were all timed exclusive on the XBox 360. Those games sold ok in Japan, but not so well in other countries after they were released a year later. PS4 also has Uncharted 4 for next year, so they don't really need Tomb Raider. Nathan Drakes Collection comes out before Tomb Raiders does. Glad I own both systems. I'll be playing both.

showtimefolks1548d ago

personally speaking waiting isn't hard at all

drive club(yes its awesome now that everything has been fixed)

the witcher 3
Until dawn
Mad Max
Fallout 4
Uncharted collection
Just cause 3


dues ex mankind divided
ratchet and clank

i don't think i will be done with all these games plus many more in 2016. i will not buy Tomb Raider at launch on ps4, i will not pay Square Enix full price for a year old game especially when so many awesome games are coming in fall 2016

i will also buy used rather give some gamer on ebay my money than square. I am just not in favor of these 3rd party exclusives, whether sony gets them or ms. either way it hurts the gamers

exclusives should come from 1st party studios Period.

basically when sony and ms sign deals like this, its basically them paying to keep a developed game from coming to another console for a period of time

the last guardian

plus many 3rd party games. I am set for fall 2016

make a statement with your wallets not by saying stuff on gaming sites. don't support these practices which hurt gamers no matter which console gets the exclusive

robtion1548d ago

You are right. I agree with you in theory but unfortunately people don't work like that. Ruthless businesses know this and take advantage.

I will buy and play TR at launch on X1 even though I don't want to support them for their dodgy business practices and would have bought it on ps4 if given the choice. I am not willing to wait a year when I don't have to despite my moral objections. They kind of have fans over a barrel and they know it.

_-EDMIX-_1548d ago

Agreed. Why spend money on a delay on such an expensive game? They wouldn't even spend money on Sunset Overdrive and it was by an ace team like Insomniac.

They not owning it, they not spending huge bucks on it lol. Its the right call and I think its working out fine for them.

lvl_headed_gmr1548d ago

I guess 2015 is done for Sony. Still 1 quarter left till 2016...I would be upset if I was a Ps4 only owner.

Great on Sony to announce 3rd party deals (meanwhile MS was bashed last gen for "money hatting 3rd party deals) but Sony has said to expect less AAA from them this gen due to raising costs of game development. Cheaper to "money hat"3rd parties to fill in Sonys lack of 1st party titles this gen.

1548d ago
madmonkey011548d ago

despite all that, ps4 has more aaa games than the competition, and the highest rated exclusives.

Sevir1548d ago

I doubt they care, for the deal that MS made to have RotTR, Sony made the same deal for FF7 remake.

Business as usual. They've got tons of 3rd party exclusives and first party games as well.

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Thatguy-3101549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

It's not Sony's lost it's Crystal Dynamics. It's going to get cannibalized this holiday season. But like the exec said thing like these are bound to happen. Plus Sony has it's own action/adventure game to look out for so they aren't really losing much.

GribbleGrunger1549d ago

This is why I believe it's likely to be less than a year before we see it on the PS4. The last thing Crystal Dynamics want to see is a repeat of this year when their flagship IP gets buried beneath a deluge of big selling franchises.

gangsta_red1549d ago

What if they decide to release TR during another big release of another game then? Will there be more concern of TR being overshadowed and buried?

Is TR not big enough to stand on it's own? When did this happen?

And don't you and others think it's safe to assume that MS gave Crystal enough money to not only secure the year exclusivity but also cover any potential cost of loss due to this?

Imalwaysright1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

@ gangsta_red It happened after TR 2013 sold 3.4 million copies in a month and after becoming the best selling TR game with 8.5 million copies total. That's how small the Tr franchise is.

GribbleGrunger1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )


I'd suggest that the announcement of the PS4 version BEFORE the release of the XB1 version has something to do with poor pre-order success, so it's likely MS didn't pay them enough compensation. The whole point of Microsoft's rather flimsy and ambiguous responses on the matter of what exactly 'exclusive' meant, shows quite clearly they intended to ride the misconception all the way to the bank.

SE will release the game for the PS4 at the first opportunity, and that is probably tied in with a contractual obligation and a target they were promised. I wouldn't mind betting SE didn't know about the release of Fallout 4 OR the deal Microsoft had signed with them.

I'm beginning to wonder if the latest announcement of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is some kind of peace offering to right the ship for PS4 fans. If it turns out to be exclusive then I'd say there's a pretty good chance that's exactly what it is. With Kingdom Hearts 3 coming to the XB1, one would have thought a 'catch up' title was a certainty on that platform.

starchild1548d ago

Being on only one platform of course it won't do as well as it would do on multiple. But you guys act like it is some small time franchise, when it's actually a huge franchise on par with any of the other big franchises.

Honestly, if Tomb Raider was available on my preferred platform (PC) this holiday season I would easily choose it over any of the other games releasing in the same time frame.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 1548d ago
triple_c1549d ago


True. The game is timed anyway so us PS4 owners will get to enjoy Tomb Raider AND Uncharted 4 in 2016. Idk how it's a loss for Sony. The game isn't even fully exclusive.

madmonkey011548d ago

its no loss to ps4 fans, they will get the better version a year later, in the mean time they have plenty of other games to play.

OOMagnum1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

@Dboyc I hope you use that same logic towards SF5.

Thatguy-3101548d ago

i do in fact SF games do best on PlayStation consoles so Microsoft isn't really taking a loss with that. PLus like they said that they have Killer Instinct.