It’ll Be Fine, Right? Five Games With Unfortunate Release Strategies

Mark from WellPlayed writes about five game launches that were impacted by unfortunate scheduling.

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jznrpg138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Zero Dawn sold really well so I’m not sure this belongs. The second game released next to a big game again and it hurt it some I forget what it was though, oh yeah Elden Ring .
But a good game is a good game to me I don’t care when they release personally but they do have to think about it when you want to get more people to buy it.


Titanfall 2 Gets "???" New Mystery Mode Years After Release

A new Titanfall 2 mystery game mode called "???" added by Respawn has players buzzing with anticipation since it seems to hint at something.

Inverno21h ago

Apex mode where it deletes Titanfall 2 and turns it in to Apex so your last hopes of a sequel will be crushed for good.

raWfodog3h ago

LOL!! That’s exactly what they did. I’ve never played Apex. Is it good? It doesn’t look better than TF2 to me.

FinalFantasyFanatic2h ago

It's about par with any other team based shooter like Valorant or Fortnite, it's probably more of a mix of Valorant and PUBG if you want to know what game play is like. I'd rather have Titanfall 2 though, it's more fun for me than battle royale games.


Revisiting Titanfall 2 After So Long, This Franchise Deserves A Resurgence

After radio silence for years, the epic Titanfall 2 is back, and I hope its massive reception convinces Respawn to reconsider Titanfall 3.

franwex1d 22h ago

Yep. Yep. Hopefully they can see that there’s Titanfall love. Would love a third one.

shinoff21831d 21h ago

No, no, no please we have plenty of online shooters to go for years. Please put the resources to single player games.

glennhkboy19h ago

There is a single player story mode in TF2 . That was consider a good mode with a good story & very interesting game plays mechanics.

raWfodog1d 21h ago (Edited 1d 21h ago )

To this day, I will never understand the corporate decision to not give this game the full development support that it deserved. I had so much more fun with this game’s multiplayer (single-player story was good too) than I did with CoD or Battlefield.

Obviously not everyone liked it, but I thought the gameplay mechanic of racking up kills to call in the Titans for a little extra punch was brilliant. The gameplay was balanced and it didn’t even feel lopsided if you were going up against a Titan on foot because you had the means to take them down. The whole map, including rooftops, was your battleground. It was quick, intuitive, strategic, and just a breath of fresh air to me. And hardly any camping lol.

AuraAbjure1d 20h ago

It's because the multiplayer was too good. The killed it because it was too good. That's capitalism. The same thing happened with battlefield hardline. The multiplayer was too good.


Five Games to Play While Waiting for Armored Core 6

The newest From Software game is just around the corner. These are five excellent games to play while waiting for Armored Core 6.

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Si-Fly39d ago

Can I suggest BG3 as a 6th? It’s helping me pass the time quite well.

anast39d ago

I'm still trying to finish WotR.

DivineHand12539d ago

With the release date being just a little over a week away, it may not be a good idea to burn yourself out on mech games until then.

RavenWolfx38d ago

i want a Chromehounds sequel so bad...

raWfodog38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Surprised that the article didn’t mention Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries if we’re talking about mech-related games.

ZeekQuattro38d ago

It was an odd article imo. Like why are games that feature a handful of mech themed levels in there. When I think of mech games I don't think Halo and Wolfenstein no matter how fun those levels were.

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