The Last Guardian Is One of Gaming’s Most Beautiful Depictions of Friendship

Friendship is hard to depict accurately, but The Last Guardian does a good job of showing all its ups and downs through Trico and the boy.

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NeedleEye377d ago

Technical issues aside, this is easily one of my favorite games from last gen.

ClayRules2012377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

I couldn’t agree more. I’ll never forget the emotional experience I had with this game. After waiting all those years, and than to finally play it. It was a visual beauty, along with offering a story/friendship between the 2 characters that was unique and unforgettable. Far surpassed my expectations. A masterpiece!

Technical issues aside, never have I played anything quite like it!

Magog377d ago

I enjoyed the game but it started out too simple and easy. If the entire game was as intense and challenging as the last 20% it would have been a 10/10 experience.

EvertonFC377d ago

Great game, so underrated. One of my favourites and top 20 games of all time

Phoenix76377d ago

I managed to grab the collectors edition for £40 about a year after it released. Was an enjoyable game, but I had just finished Shadow of the colossus, and whilst I enjoyed it, it was not as good when compared.

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