The Last Guardian PS5 - 60FPS Gaming... But How? And What's The Catch?

Digital Foundry writes ,"PlayStation 5 owners with PS+ subscriptions get instant access to The Last Guardian via PS4 back-compat, but it's locked at 30fps. The system is capable of so much more - in fact, it can run pretty much locked at full 60fps - but you need an original disc copy of the game to do it. And there are some drawbacks... Tom takes you through it all."

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shabz666491d ago

Never finished it on the pro at the time. Stopped it after a few hours in. One of the only few Sony exclusives that didn’t grab my attention. Might finish it if they update it on ps5 natively.

StoneyYoshi491d ago

It's a pretty Niche title. If you enjoyed ICO or Shadow of the Colossus then you will truly enjoy this game in the long run. If you haven't played any of those then it may be harder for you to get into.

mikeslemonade491d ago

Just not that good of a game compared to SotC and ICO.

StoneyYoshi491d ago (Edited 491d ago )

No argument there but still a good game worth playing.

InUrFoxHole491d ago

Keep in mind you need the disc

Neonridr491d ago

This game unfortunately didn't run very well on the PS4. Glad to see that the PS5 version has the kinks ironed out.

ManMarmalade491d ago

Ran fine for me. There weren't many or any noticable bugs or kinks in my playthrough. Some AI issues, sure, but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle after playing shadow of the collossus.

Neonridr491d ago (Edited 491d ago )

Digital Foundry had articles about how it struggled even on the PS4 Pro.

darthv72491d ago

I have not played this myself but I lent the disc to my daughter, I figured she might enjoy it.

StormSnooper491d ago

Going to pick this up from the catalogue thingy

Phoenix76491d ago

Still got the collectors edition with Trico model

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