How Hard Can It Be?: Battletoads Turbo Tunnel | Short Pause

Short Pause: "If you listen to the Short Pause Gaming Podcast, you know that Battletoads continues to eat away at Ben Boyce's soul; specifically, the third level entitled "Turbo Tunnel." Now, I haven't played Battletoads since way back in the day, so I couldn't quite remember this level. However, I was surprised to read that this is widely considered one of the the toughest levels in gaming history. I figured what better way to show up my podcasting partner than by going out and accomplishing what he failed to do so many years ago. I hopped into Battletoads, courtesy of the recently released Rare Replay on the Xbox One, and decided to record my efforts, because I was pretty confident I'd breeze through this level. Oh, what a surprise I was in for!"

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tazmeah1629d ago

Completing the Turbo Tunnel level is still one of my favorite gaming moments ever. Watching this video reminded of all the hours I spent trying to get past it. Keep practicing, but it'll take a little bit of luck to complete it as well!

gangsta_red1629d ago

Unfortunately with the feature of rewind added to all the games it made this legendary level a cake walk.

I know I'll be disagreed to hell and back but I am very disappointed at that feature. We should be able to play these games with no help or new age assistance. It just goes to show how much hand holding these young whipper snappers need and wouldn't be able to take the ultra brutality of the NES/Genesis 8 bit days we had to endure as kids.

TheDude791629d ago

OMG, I completely forgot about that feature! I didn't even think to use it, and like you implied, "winning" that way just feels empty. I'll just stick with practicing. No disagree from this dude! You speak the truth, gangsta!

jetlian1629d ago

naw games back then were terrible. Games were 1 hour or less so they had all these cheap death mechanics to make up for it.

You dont have to use it so why complain? lvl 10 and 11 are worse than turbo tunnel

DaleCooper1629d ago

True! They even mention in the making of battletoads video on rare replay that they knew the game was going to be short, so they decided to make it extremely difficult.

Sitdown1629d ago

Disappointed? Do you have to use the feature?

DaleCooper1629d ago

I'll admit to pounding that left trigger just to beat this level. I never thought the game could get more difficult from there, but it does! Still, even though I "cheated", I finally saw the ending to the game. Ten year old me would be so proud.