The Art of Battletoads artbook celebrates the game

The Art of Battletoads contains 184 pages of pure art, sketches, and illustrated scenes from the game.

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jznrpg368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

I hated the art style in the game super jank imo , the MS made one that is


Five Overlooked Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Gems You Should Play

Of course Sunset Overdrive gets a nod. It's Insomniac!

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shinoff2183264d ago

I personally think there's better on gamepass then what was listed. State of decay imo is better then anything listed. Recore seemed alright for what I played on there also.

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roadkillers263d ago

Is Recore any better to play now?

Concertoine263d ago

Yeah, especially on One X or Series X. It kinda feels like a PS2 platformer, but in a good way. I liked it.

KillBill264d ago

Odd that he specified 'Game Pass Ultimate' instead of just 'Game Pass' just so he could include a relatively weak choice comparably in 'Alice: Madness Returns' which is available with EA Play. SoD was a far better overlooked game to have listed.

Crows90263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

Dont know why they keep listing ultimate. Gamepass is the better value....but the reason I think is that ultimate includes online gwg.

MadLad263d ago

I mean, as someone who games both on PC and Xbox, Ultimate makes a whole lot of sense. There's console exclusives and PC exclusives. And, at the end of the day, EA Play is still a perk of having Ultimate. When I open Gamepass, the EA Play catalogue is sitting right there for me. It's as much part of Gamepass as any other title I'm looking at, right?


Arcade1Up Opens Preorders for Killer Instinct PRO Series Arcade Cabinet (with Battletoads)

"Arcade1Up has released numerous 3/4-scale arcade cabinets over the years, but even the coolest cabinets only feature 17-inch monitors. That's what makes the announcement of the Killer Instinct PRO Series Arcade Cabinet so exciting. The Pro cabinet includes a 19-inch screen, SuzoHapp stick and buttons, and improved speakers. It will feature not just both Killer Instinct arcade games, but also the arcade, NES, and Genesis versions of Battletoads!" says Co-Optimus.

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651d ago
BrainSyphoned651d ago

Having to do a thing three times would make my list as #1

Jeriphro651d ago

What do you mean? Like doing the same task three times in a row?

BrainSyphoned651d ago (Edited 651d ago )

Ya, find three items, kill three mini bosses, go to three dungeons. Things of three is a tired video game sweet spot number.

651d ago
0hMyGandhi651d ago

For me, it's collect-a-thons. They weren't fun in Donkey Kong or Banjo and Kazooie and they still aren't fun now. Why create these wonderfully oversized, detailed worlds if you are going to just supplement gameplay with ambiguous item fetch-quests.

There are exceptions, of course, But by and large, it just shows laziness on the part of the developer.
Good article, by the way!

Jeriphro651d ago

Yeah. It is funny some of the design decisions made by developers. Another one that irks me is unskippable cutscenes, especially after you die after the cutscene and are forced to rewatch the unskippable cutscene AGAIN. I mean, who thinks that a great idea?! haha

jambola651d ago

how about not allowing cutscene skipping
that's flat out inexcusable in any game in the last 10 years

SDuck650d ago

this comments are demanding a "The 4 Horsemen of The Apocalypse of Game Design Flaws" sequel