The Most Underrated Games of 2020

GameCrate: "It happens every year. There are so many game releases that we just can’t keep up with all of them. It’s a shame, because a lot of times, some truly outstanding titles don’t get the hype or recognition they deserve. Other times, they do but are quickly forgotten. Worse still, sometimes these underdog games go almost completely ignored. These games might not have been on many “best of” lists this year, but they’re still worthy of recognition and they’re totally worth playing."

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rlow1767d ago

Some good jems in there. I wish I had the time to try alot of these.

TheSanchezDavid767d ago

Yeah, time constraints are the reason I missed some really good games this year. I was glad to play these. And I know something like Wasteland 3 is a pretty big time commitment, but it's def recommended if you get the chance. Same with Paper Mario: The Origami King. So good!

766d ago
IanTH766d ago

Lol - I know you meant "gems", but I couldn't help but remember this super random 80s cartoon. _series)

rlow1766d ago

Lol, I totally misspelled that one. I remember the cartoon you linked up. Never watched it, but good memory.

PS-Gamer-1986766d ago

Imo paper mario was an awesome game. Enjoyed every second of it. That being said i didn't play the other paper mario games

Kabaneri766d ago

Immortals is surprisingly good.

TheSanchezDavid765d ago

Haven't played that but it definitely looks interesting.

MadLad766d ago

Serious Sam 4 just continues the decline of the series.
Wasteland 3 should have been on more goty lists, and West of Dead was also great.

CantThinkOfAUsername766d ago

I wonder, what does Serious Sam need to do in order to gain traction?

MadLad766d ago

It's always going to be a somewhat popular, though still niche series.
The problem is they never figured out how to evolve it.
Serious Sam 3 was really just a Frankenstein monster of a game cobbled together from the assets from a canceled project.

4 did a lot better, but it's still hanging on the drab aesthetics of 3. They really need to examine what made Serious Sam 2 ... well, serious Sam 2.

TheSanchezDavid765d ago (Edited 765d ago )

Yeah, I was a bit surprised that Wasteland 3 wasn't mentioned more in GOTY discussions/videos/articles.

Also, I actually really loved Serious Sam 3 -- it's prob my favorite in the series.

KyoSiegfried86766d ago

Origami King was bad. Horrible and annoying battle system, no rpg elements. Story was fun but not better or worse than most entries in the series.
Sticker star was even worse, but I’m not going to say that is good because of that.

Serious Sam 4 is not good either.

Battletoads.... not a bad game, i liked it.

TheSanchezDavid765d ago

There have been a lot of cool beat 'em ups, and I thought Battletoads did a good job of bringing that classic style of action with some nice refinements and a Saturday morning cartoon coat of paint.

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