Five Overlooked Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Gems You Should Play

Of course Sunset Overdrive gets a nod. It's Insomniac!

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shinoff218380d ago

I personally think there's better on gamepass then what was listed. State of decay imo is better then anything listed. Recore seemed alright for what I played on there also.

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roadkillers80d ago

Is Recore any better to play now?

Concertoine79d ago

Yeah, especially on One X or Series X. It kinda feels like a PS2 platformer, but in a good way. I liked it.

KillBill80d ago

Odd that he specified 'Game Pass Ultimate' instead of just 'Game Pass' just so he could include a relatively weak choice comparably in 'Alice: Madness Returns' which is available with EA Play. SoD was a far better overlooked game to have listed.

Crows9080d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Dont know why they keep listing ultimate. Gamepass is the better value....but the reason I think is that ultimate includes online gwg.

MadLad79d ago

I mean, as someone who games both on PC and Xbox, Ultimate makes a whole lot of sense. There's console exclusives and PC exclusives. And, at the end of the day, EA Play is still a perk of having Ultimate. When I open Gamepass, the EA Play catalogue is sitting right there for me. It's as much part of Gamepass as any other title I'm looking at, right?