Scalebound Preview | Press Start Australia

Mehdi from Press Start Australia went hands on with Scalebound at Gamescom.

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Kal0psia1166d ago

Once I found out that it was an action RPG, I became even more hyped for it. Can't wait to try this amazing game out.

Automatic791166d ago

It very difficult to get hyped for Scalebound when it is 15 months away and there are so many games to look forward to in 2015 and 2016 but man Scalebound has definitely jumped into my top five games of 2016 list.

If anyone was wondering here are the titles

The Division
Quantum Break
Mass Effect

trywizardo1166d ago

just go to platinum official site and look the screenshots from the old trailer and the new gameplay , now that's a graphics evolution :D

christocolus1166d ago

Nice. I would love the link.

trywizardo1166d ago

here it is
go to screenshots and see for yourself , its really amazing :)

4Sh0w1166d ago

Yeah it really surprised me Kamiaya went in this direction but its also very interesting with a guy like him at the helm of *ACTION rpg. Now just looking at this game set in a gorgeous fantasy world, with tons of action, fighting alongside and flying with dragons....all that with a 4 player co-op too, this game looks like a big hit in the making.

trywizardo1166d ago

agree , I usually hate cartoonish or special art looking games , but this one looks amazing
and the little details on the dragon made my jaw drop