Platinum Tells Fans To Send Phil Spencer A Letter If They Want To See Xbox's Scalebound IP Revived

"Phil, let's do it again together"

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RazzerRedux853d ago

I think that ship has sailed.

gamer7804853d ago

Agreed. I’d rather see bayonetta 4 on Xbox. Imagine how great that game would be if it finally got a real next gen update

Marquinho853d ago

I can see why they cancelled that game. The whole concept was bizarre, specially the coop portion. The main character was a copy paste of Dante from DMC and the overall mood was some kind of Final Fantasy meets DMC, including the music when fights started. The game didn't have its own identity.

Here's a good summary of what happened with this game:

It's a shame though that they had to cancel such an ambitious project from a talented partner.

xHeavYx853d ago

Am I the only one who wants MGS Rising 2?

Godmars290853d ago

More like since they didn't know what they wanted, they tried to do everything.

I mean, from the original description of the game you controlled a flightless dinosaur, which was probably why in most gameplay shown you walked beside a dragon that could fly. When I think of games with flying dragons, my expectation is a semi to full open world title where you're mostly flying everywhere, yet Scalebound was largely ground combat.

And no one has EVER explained to me why such an obvious SP title had MP co-op!

Sunny_D853d ago


I want a sequel to Vanquish.

umair_s51853d ago

Platinum must own the rights to Scalebound. That's why the push to revive.

bouzebbal852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

Game looked boring... No need
I'd still like to know why it has been canned, x1 had much worse looking games so I'm sure it's not due to performance

Was inspired by Drakengard and DMC.. Just see who developed Drakengard 👍🏽

Army_of_Darkness852d ago

Dmc meets final Fantasy?! Yes please!... I personally think scale bound got canned because it wasn't in the lines of a gaas model... Which is unfortunate.

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Abracadabra853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

Yep... Platinum had their chance during 4 years and failed. They just want more Microsoft money to fund other games. It would be better for Microsoft if they gave the IP to someone else to make.

RazzerRedux853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

I doubt this was entirely Platinum's fault. They have created a number of successful games and Microsoft hasn't had the best track record with third parties making their games. So there were probably a number of factors that led to the game's demise and both sides had a part in it. Fact is that we really don't know everything that went on and all we can do is speculate. Either way, I think MS has built up their first party studios, in part, to not have to rely on third parties and they would rather just leave this game in the past. That's my guess anyway.

porkChop853d ago

I believe that Platinum and Microsoft have admitted they were both at fault. So this isn't just on Platinum.

porkChop853d ago

Personally, I'd be interested if they rebooted Scalebound and went back to the original singleplayer-only concept they had. Scalebound had a lot of potential, it's a shame to see that go to waste. Both parties understand why it failed the first time, there's no reason they couldn't make it work this time.

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2ndhandcorn853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

No thanks the old pick a concept out of a hat , awful .