Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for PS4 Gets First High Resolution Screenshots: Looks Awesome

Today Sony Computer Entertainment Europe released the first screenshots of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

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Cindy-rella2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

"Too bad PC won't ever see this game, and PS4 will never see games in 4K. Maybe PS5/6 will have another remaster..."

Pc's are capable of so much more power than a ps4 but the ps4 has the best looking game graphically with the order 1886 and driveclub. Ps4 isnt capable of 4k resolution but it has graphically some of the best looking games and a lot more are on the way. Nothing on the pc looks as good as uncharted 4 or horizon atm imo but the the pc can run shoddy ports like batman in 4k resolution. Let the spinning begin, ive got my glass slippers .

I cant wait for the uncharted nathan drake collection and then uncharted 4. I know killzone shadow fall surpassed crysis 3 but uncharted 4 destroys everything graphically with inferior specs. Ps4 k best-solution over 4k resolution

scark922804d ago

Replied to the wrong comment :)

Meltic2804d ago

when will it be released ?

Haru2804d ago

Agreed, even tho PC's are more powerful PS4 has better looking games, like Driveclub which is the best looking racer ever and no other racer or pc game come close to it

breakpad2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

lol not so awesome ..they say its HD and the AK47 lacks the moving bolt which was present in original U2 ...they need to sow attention to such details as they r improving the gun action

xRyderx2804d ago

GTA with icenchancer mod destroy your stupid your graphic console .....

kevnb2804d ago

i game on both, the graphics can be much better on pc if you have the right hardware... but the ps4 is often more user friendly and can play batman properly.

Thatguy-3102804d ago

Ps4 has the specs but talented de vs aren't devoted to it to take full advantage. That's why you have these stellar games coming out on consoles while the pc master race just make noise because of they're powerful specs.

Azzanation2804d ago

Look up Star Citizen. One reason its on on consoles is because they don't want downgrade it. Crysis 3 on PC still looks better then most console games and thats a last gen game.

The fact you got 50 likes on such a childish post tells me alot about the community.

Hercules1892804d ago

Well I would expect UC4 to be the best looking game its very scripted compared to BF and star citizen. Horizon looks decent but nowhere even close to UC4, it'll be lucky to even be compared to Halo 5 graphically.

Doodleburger2804d ago

If you think nothing on PC looks better than uncharted, you need to do some more research. There are games from almost 10 years ago that look better than what PS4 is pushing out of their tiny AMD sphincter.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2804d ago

It doesn't look great at all. A lot of the visual effects are missing as was said in a previous preview of the game (which will make it into the final build). Confused as to why they would show the game in such a state. Isn't the point of remasters solely the visual upgrade?

UltraNova2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )


"if you think nothing on PC looks better than uncharted, you need to do some more research. There are games from almost 10 years ago that look better than what PS4 is pushing out of their tiny AMD sphincter."

My friend we all know PCs are more powerful but power alone is not the be all and end all.

Take for example a Bugatti Super sport at 1200hp and earth shuttering torque and pit it against a 700hp F1 car...yeah you can see this where its going...

The car with half the power will absolutely demolish the other in any scenario due to one utmost important factor >> OPTIMIZATION.

Look I have nothing to lose if I admit if there's anything better looking(not better performing, there's a difference) than U4 or DC on PC, but there isn't, at the moment.

Lets not be blind.

And to those who use the mod excuse please stop comparing modded games against bare bone stock ones, its really stupid.

AndrewLB2804d ago


-Star Citizen
-Vanishing of Ethan Carter
-Witcher 3 (yes, PC version blows console away even after being downgraded)
-Crysis 3 (even last gen PC version is untouched by anything released on PS4 )

The only way any PS4 games can even get somewhat close in graphics quality is when they are super linear interactive-QTE type games with pre-baked effects and heavily scripted events that look/play exactly the same every play-through.

You've clearly never played these games on PC and your even mentioning of Killzone Shadowfall proves it. Anyone who thinks KZSF with it's 960x1080 resolution can even remotely compare to the games I mentioned is so ignorant of the facts that there is just no helping you.

ziggurcat2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

I'm not sure how interested I am in replaying the first 3 uncharted games, but that uncharted 4 beta might be enough of an enticement to go through them all over again. that is, unless the beta is just for MP like it typically is... (edit) in which case, i might have to pass on it completely. so it really all hinges on the beta.


"... You've clearly never played these games on PC and your even mentioning of Killzone Shadowfall proves it. Anyone who thinks KZSF with it's 960x1080 resolution can even remotely compare to the games I mentioned is so ignorant of the facts that there is just no helping you."

first of all, killzone's resolution isn't 960 x 1080. SP is 1080p. secondly, MP is 960 x 1080 *PER FRAME*, so it's actually a full 1920 x 1080, just closer to 1080i in terms of resolution rather than 1080p. they're also not upscaling the resolution to 1920 x 1080 from 960 x 1080... so you're wrong.

Matpan2804d ago

I mean... just run Witcher 3 on a PC with medium to high settings and nothing in PS4 comes close. I own a PS4 and i LOVE it. But I am not delusional about it´s capabilities.

CantBeStopped2804d ago

Dude 4k is so 2014, didn't you hear its 8k now your PC has already been made obsolete.

IrishSt0ner2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Game looks f'n awesome, especially the 3rd screen, although objectively it doesn't 'destroy everything graphically'... I mean it doesn't even have anti-aliasing, there's other problems, but that's the most obvious.

I suppose Cindy-rella would say that though:

"All multiplatform titles are superior on ps4"
"Ps4 is the best platform for gaming"
"Id prefer 60fps or more"
"Ps4 is the future and the future is ps4."
"I expect the NX to be weaker than a ps4"
"Driveclub is the best looking driving game ever made"
"these developers prove that you dont need something that can match the level of a 980ti ... Playstation devs have surpassed the best ive seen on pc"
"Every multiplatform game performs better on ps4 or looks better."
"why do i have a ps4 if i have a powerful pc."
"A lot of pc ports are just shoddy console version of games"
"Most games are made for consoles"
"Ive been a pc gamer for a while and any educated pc gamer would know that majority of gamers prefer the plug and play ease of use that consoles provides."
"Project morpeus will be the first proper VR device brought to mass market"
"Visuals are very important first and foremost"
"Imagine the witcher 3 with graphics and tech all around like the order 1886."

It goes on and on, but my favourite:

"Fanatics are silly"

XBLSkull2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

Don't know why people throw out star citizen all the time as being great looking. I have the game and don't think it looks impressive all... Many better looking games out there. It isn't fun either and I regret helping fund it.

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Aloy-Boyfriend2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )


C'mon Chloe say it!

*trophy Pops up

I found this hilarious the first time I played Uncharted 2.

G_V_Black2804d ago

I loved that part as well. I tried every way I could think of to get her in the pool. Pushing, grenades, etc.. No luck.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2804d ago

First that popped into my head when I saw the pool! :D

Silly Mammo2804d ago

Isn't there a trophy for petting the yak in the Nepal village or something?

Ocsta2804d ago

Chloe's ass made it freakin hard to focus on the game.

MasterCornholio2804d ago

I also liked this one.

"How can you sit on that thing?"


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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2804d ago

Why didn't they show Uncharted 1? That's the graphical upgrade people really wanna see..

kraenk122804d ago

Don't expect too much for that. I actually am much more interested if they modernized the controls...that's the part that aged the most.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2804d ago

I thought they were going to add skin shaders to Drakes Fortune...

pivotplease2804d ago

They all play mostly the same and are the most conventional and easy to grasp third person shooter controls I have ever used. What's to modernize?

Fez2804d ago

The controls didn't really change at all between the three games and they definitely haven't "aged". They all have contemporary TPS controls.

Irishguy952804d ago

The combat improved Drastically from 1 to 2. 2 got it right and 3 didn't need to improve much.

1: In Uncharted 1 you could shoot throuh the corners of walls

2: Hit detection was terrible

Try playing it again you'll see.

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Christopher2804d ago

I wouldn't say awesome. Awesome is what they showed at E3 2015. This is nice, but no longer 'awesome'.

2803d ago
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RonsonPL2804d ago ShowReplies(7)
jay22804d ago

Too bad I won't get re-masters because I feel the devs should make new games on these consoles not games I#ve played and paid in some cases here in the UK LESS money yearss ago to pay!

Abriael2804d ago

Ultimately remaster money gets invested in new games (at least most of it), and making a remaster normally involves only a small team. They're more healthy for the industry than many think.

Sora_19942804d ago

Naughty dog aren't making this tho?

Aloy-Boyfriend2804d ago

God these misinformed people... ND isn't even making this remaster.

Haru2804d ago

Not misinformed just trolls

aco2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Was The Last OF US remaster done by ND or also outsourced..?

That game looked amazing on PS4

edit..Did some googling and yeah it was a small ND team that did that..
hmmm I hope the new collection will be on pair with TLU..

ninsigma2804d ago

I think nd did tlou because they were talking about how they learned a lot about the ps4 from doing that which helped with their development of uc4. No source, sorry :(

fallacious2804d ago

misinformed or just stupid?

ginsunuva2804d ago

But ND now has less incentive to push out new games. We will probably see one fewer ND game this gen.

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_-EDMIX-_2804d ago

"I feel the devs should make new games"

I feel you should actually read and learn about the game industry before posting bud....

Naughty Dog isn't doing this game, it was outsourced to a team to make and this isn't even "making" its PORTING OVER! That isn't even near the same as real game development, those teams specialize in porting titles. They didn't just remake the whole series.....

Thats nice that you played it bud....

Others didn't and it existing wouldn't have you get Uncharted 4 any faster as ND isn't making the game.

Mind you, look at Blue Point game's history, they mostly PORT GAMES!

Sony owns the IP, the team only ports, Sony is paying them to PORT not make a new game of any sort as the team has a history of porting, not making brand new ground up games....

Whats sad, is this re-master hate is fueled by pure ingnorance as many gamers are crying, whining about something they don't even fully get...

Some of those ports have like 10 folks really doesn't take that much to actually port a title, 6 months, 10 staff and about 1 million is what it generally takes to port a game....

You where not getting Uncharted 5 with 10 team members, with $1 million in funding in 6 months....

Learn what development is, learn what porting is, learn who makes what and you'll realize how silly that statement is.

Bathyj2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Yeah because after Bluepoint made God of war collectiond HD, ICO collection HD and metal gear collection HD you thought they were going to start work on a new IP right?

Or maybe that just what this dev does and it's actually ensuring they get to make games rather than stopping anyone from making them. Uncharted collections existence has no bearing on how quick uncharted 4 comes out.

I swear people have so many misinformed notions in their heads and complain about them just because they heard someone who was misinformed complaining about it.

kneon2804d ago

Remasters can actually help the development of new IPs. Creating a new IP is very time consuming and expensive, having the additional cash flow from remasters can really help out for studios that may be underfunded.

Though this doesn't necessarily apply to ND as I expect they get all the funding they need.

And these porting studios that are technically competent but may be creatively challenged are much better off doing ports of good games rather than trying to do a mediocre new IP.

Summons752804d ago

You do realize that remasters, most of the time, are outsourced to different developers. That means they get work....which is a good thing, the remasters bring in money for them and ND...which is good, and ND gets to work on Uncharted 4 (new game like you want) and whatever their second team is working on (presumably Last of Us 2, also new game) like you want...which is good. While I agree there are too many unneeded remasters and backward compatibility should be a automatic feature, I can't argue that remasters do help the industry and give us great games to play while we wait for the new ones (because remasters are a quick turn over while the new games you want need 3+ years to be made)

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SmokingMonkey2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

I can't wait to go through all three again!

I will probably try and re-Platinum them all.

On hard mode, where every bullet you shoot and take matters so much more, Uncharted has some of the Best Action Game Play of a time.

G_V_Black2804d ago

I too think that these games are worth double-platinuming. I'll probably pick this up, though I'm still disappointed that a Golden Abyss port is not a part of the package.

SmokingMonkey2804d ago

Yes, Golden Abyss would have been perfect on the Dualshock 4's touch pad!

Missed chance to show of the Vita too. Shame.

Non the less a great game for new comers and Uncharted Vets.

Sora_19942804d ago

It's getting a demo...megaton!!!

aNDROiD17_2804d ago

where did u read this. what r ur resources of this demo

Sora_19942804d ago

How about everyone else ask this question before disagreeing?! It's on the ps blog