Jin_Sakai1556d ago

Awesome. Sony are doing great things!

“Independent developers are vital to the heart and soul of the gaming community and we understand the hardships and financial struggles that many smaller gaming studios are facing. With that, SIE has developed a fund to support them during this time. We have earmarked $10 million to support our independent development partners.“

neutralgamer19921556d ago


This is a great gesture for next gen too

Sono4211556d ago

Look I think this was a great move, 2 free great games to play for free? Awesome!.... but... why journey? I'm just curious.. don't get me wrong, I love the game, but it's really short, not really the best release to try to keep people in and playing.. UNLESS.. and hear me out here.. they are going to be releasing a sequel and are using this as a way to advertise the original. THAT would be cool and yes I know about abzu but I mean more along the lines of a journey too, but sadly i'm probably just thinking about it too much.

Jin_Sakai1556d ago

“Look I think this was a great move, 2 free great games to play for free? Awesome!.... but... why journey? I'm just curious..”


bouzebbal1556d ago

No, staying home is not the right thing... This crap is a hoax for id2020..

caddytrek1555d ago

Sono421, because it's relaxing.

And if time is the issue Uncharted Collection is easily 60 hours of gaming.

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darthv721556d ago

Excellent. And Journey is such a good game.

QSPR1556d ago

@ Sono41
not just 2 games, uncharted collection has 3 full games with trophy support. those are 4 games in total!! Journey is a excellent game. and believe me, Journey is short but awesome and 3 uncharted you got yourself 3 or 4 weeks of pure gaming and if you hunt trophy, that's more than enough.

ilikestuff1556d ago

Free stuff is nice, they really went above and beyond with this. Good for us.

UltraNova1556d ago

They could simply give just one game and everyone would be fine but they gave us 4. Nice gesture indeed.

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Toiletsteak1556d ago

Cool. I still haven't played Journey so I guess I can now.

UltraNova1556d ago

Prepare to get hit in the feels.

ClayRules20121556d ago

Love to hear that. Can’t wait to play Journey!

Spenok1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

It's an awesome experience. Put aside 2-3 hours before you play it and make sure you play it through in one sitting. So much more impactful and well worth it.

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Deathdeliverer1556d ago

I have both of those but thanks for the gesture Sony. You didn’t have to offer anything at all. I wonder when the guy that wants to know why it isn’t a new game on offer will show up.

RosweeSon1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Hate to be that guy 🥴🤗😂 but joking aside it is a decent offering all really good games hence I bought them all previously and even downloaded the free digital copy from ps+ the other month but don’t see anyone else offering similar and it’s free what’s to grumble over. All I would say is they can clearly see who has and hasn’t downloaded/purchased previously, I feel they could have offered us some alternative just one woulda done or a 10% off code for the store or something but hey ho. I’ve lost nothing it’s not the end of the world nice bonus for everyone else. Really enjoyed journey and well uncharted just gets better and better looking forward to going back through them all again soon. I say all not actually played 4 yet 😅🤗😂 29299;

MoonConquistador1556d ago

You could have made a start on UC 4 (free this month on PS+) rather than type out that pointless "grumble".

Had they offered another game, someone else would have posted something similar

You ask what's to grumble about and then chose to have a grumble anyway lol.

Some people eh?

sprinterboy1556d ago

It says Knack 2 and Journey for Germany and China, do we UK get any games too or is this N.America,Germany and China only ?

monkey6021556d ago

Uncharted and journey for Europe too

Master of Unlocking1555d ago

It's past 6pm of april 15th here and the free games are nowhere to be found. Uncharted 3 standalone edition is still labeled at 100€ and Uncharted 2 at 0€, except when you click on it you don't even have a button to purchase it, wtf, lol.
Ah, SIE Europe...

VenomUK1556d ago

@sprinterboy Sony probably offered them an alternative as I know Germany and perhaps China have strict rules on violence.