Recharting Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – Retrospective Review

Nevada Dru from Bits & Pieces takes a retrospective look at the third instalment of the Uncharted series, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

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jambola989d ago

Going back to this game made me like it a lot less
was way too full of pointessly long moments of just looking at things for way to long
that dessert chapter is just awful for it

AspiringProGenji989d ago

The chase sections were unnecessary, but the desert chapter is still great to me. I still think it is a nice touch in nate’s story and plot of the game

jambola989d ago

the first time sure, after that it's just *wait, wait wait, fade to new area, wait, wait wait, repeat"
but definitely agree on the chases

Knushwood Butt989d ago

Sully's kidnapping was pure filler that didn't add anything, and Marlow was too dumb to be a threat.

Still, the drug sequence in 3D was very memorable.

toxic-inferno989d ago

I completely agree about Sully's kidnap. I replayed it a few weeks ago, and even now (after around 6 playthroughs) that particular aspect of the plot didn't make sense.

The strangest part was when Nate returned to land after the boat sank, found Elena, but didn't ask her about Sully. In fact, that sequence seems to ignore the Sully kidnap section entirely. There's no mention (other than Nate's ramblings in the desert) until suddenly Sully appears during the convoy sequence.

Seems to me that the whole section on the boat may have originally been planned as a DLC mini-adventure (Sully has got himself into trouble with a group of people and needs Nate to rescue him). At the time of Uncharted 3's development, there was an awful lot of hatred towards "DLC that should have been in the base game", so I wonder whether Naughty Dog caved and shoe-horned it into the plot?