Sony Exec Talks About A PS4 Feature That Hasn't Received Much Attention But Changed For The Better

As someone who has played on every PlayStation console since the original, it goes without saying that the PSN store on the PlayStation 3 was a terrible experience.

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22CobraKing1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I didn't even notice that.

Conzul1209d ago

Playstation Store is awesome now, when I can get it to open. Half the damn time I have to refresh the wifi connection with a connectivity check for it to even open. But when it does it's great, waaaaay better than PS3 era.

Just wish the Playstation Store deals were under the Store tab instead of clogging up the What's New tab. I'd actually use What's New if it weren't 2/3rds ads covering up what my friends have been up to.....

kaizokuspy1209d ago

@Consul just log out and log back in. Way quicker, but yeah that problem persists.

Lord_Sloth1209d ago

HA! I love Penny Arcade.

dantesparda1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I've never had a problem with the store not opening. You need to check your settings (network and PS4's) cuz something is wrong. I've never had the store not open and it always opens fast (in mere secs) and I only have a 10mbit connection.

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frostypants1209d ago

The PS4 store is seamless compared to the PS3 one, which was slow as hell. It used to make me think my network was messed up. It was (and is) painful.

The PS4 store hauls butt. Huge improvement.

JasonBloodbourne1209d ago

Your joking aren't you? The store on the ps4 fails to load most times for me. I have to reboot my ps4 just get it to load most of the time. It's hit or miss.

DragonKnight1209d ago

I still prefer the original PS3 store. The layout was much easier to navigate and find whatever you wanted, it was way faster, I don't know why they changed it to this slow, barely responsive version that requires more steps to find something than should be necessary.

fr0sty1209d ago

@jason, sounds like an issue that is on your end, or maybe an issue local to your area.

Skate-AK1209d ago

I have bought over 35 digital games and I have never ran into the problem Jason mentioned.

Kingthrash3601209d ago

At Jason...I used to just log out then log back in...worked like a charm....but since they fixed it I don't have to do it I think it's your end tbh. You might need to rebuild in safe mode

pinkyxyz1209d ago

@jason I love my ps4 just as much as the next gamer, but i agree that the ps4 store will not load sometimes and as recently as yesterday i did have to restart my console in order for the store to stop hanging.

pivotplease1209d ago


Actually the original store might have been the worst of all. They updated it a few years in and at that point it was pretty remarkable and close to the experience we have on PS4 today. Then they updated again and isolated everything and made the store a separate app (likely to reduce the OS footprint). That's when things went way downhill.

frostypants1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

@JasonBloodbourne , sounds like you need to open some ports on your router. I've had zero problems.

pody1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )


That's probably the one he's thinking about as well. That version of the PS3 store was so good and fast, I still have no idea why they changed it to that clunky and slow shit that is its current form. It looks nice and all, but it's a drag to even do the most basic of things. It's SOO slow on the PS3, it's remarkable that they even allow such a program in the system. On the PS4 it's a bit faster, but when you still experience slowdowns there, with that hardware(!), you just know that it's extremely poorly built.

I just use the browser on PC to buy stuff now. Luckily that's an option. Not that that one is especially fast either...

I do wish they'd remove that got damn pop-up window telling you that you've placed something in the shopping basket, which you then have to remove again for it to go away, it doesn't even auto-hide. I can't believe how unintuitive that shit is.

kreate1209d ago

I want the old psn store back. The new store sucks.

LonDonE1209d ago

You are right and wrong, since launch the laggy psn store, faling to load etc basically the problem some are describing on here is real.

Anyone who doubts it should visit the playstation forums!

Out of 10 or so friends who all bought the Ps4 at launch from amazon uk, 9 of them have had this issue.
I am the only one who does not, it works flawless for me but the last 2 weeks downloads on my ps4 take ages and this too is being investigated as lots of people are reprorting crazy slow download times in europe since the last o.s update.

Sony need to sort this psn store problem, i sat with my buddy and tried everything! opening ports manually, dmz, upnp on, off, open dns, google dns, and nothing worked.
Problem would come back, i think its some port the isp must be blocking.

All my 9 friends are on virgin fibre, maybe thats the issue? Lol who knows.
I am the only one on adsl+2 (lol) i know super annoying, no fibre available for me yet.
Regardless i hva changed isp a few times but still it works flawless.

Hopefully people get it sorted, and i hope sony sort the slow downloads issue.
Even in sleep mode it has been very slow.

ORyanDeee1207d ago

i use to have that problem where i always needed to restart my console just to access the PS store, but as of a month or 2 ago its been fine.

IIFloodyII1206d ago

That hasn't been an issue since the last major firmware update, like 6 months ago...

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XanderZane1209d ago

Yes, it's definitely better now. I just wish they would move the "Library" tab to the front of the list next to the Media Player instead of having it at the very end of the game list. It's just dumb to have it there. It would be better to have the tabs vertical instead of horizontal. The 360 still has the best UI, especially with the HOME button. Glad they fixed the PS Store though.

UKmilitia1209d ago

something i have noticed today is my ONLINE STORAGE is already full.

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wynams1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

everything is clunky and slow on the ps3
source: my phatty in the bedroom

Palitera1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I have to say... To be fair, the super clunkiness of the PS3 store dates to the update when they implemented what was designed to be the PS4 Store.

When the store was still designed for the PS3 needs, it was and run great.

Mr Logic1209d ago

Truth! I remember the very first PS3 store which was like a slow website. Then they redesigned it some time in 2008 I believe into the squares. It was perfect and snappy. Then they did it again and made it the current PS4ish UI and it sucks.

pody1209d ago

These guys speak the truth. I stopped using the PS3 one after that update. It's brutally painful to both start and browse.

Kurisu1209d ago

I much prefer the PS Store on PS4 compared to PS3. Granted the PS Store on PS3 has improved in design over the years but it's still so slow compared to PS4.

SpaceRanger1209d ago

The PS4 is on a whole other level this gen compared to last gen. My biggest gripe with my PS3 was downloading since you couldn't play online and download from the store at the same time.

Having a snappy PS store and background downloads has been an amazing feature that I've enjoyed from the start!

BlackTar1871209d ago

i don't like the PS store at all. I prefer the ps3 slow clunky to the new ps4 one.

Larry L1209d ago

Woah!! I've stepped into Bizzaro-World. You've got 2 basically identical stores, one is just mind-numbingly slow and laggy, and one is smooth as butter 98% of the time (for me anyway. This is the first time I've ever heard people saying the store won't load up. I've had PS4 since the Destiny bundle launch and the store has never failed to load for me), and you quite adamantly prefer the former? Crazy talk I tellsya!!

I mean......I know you're trolling. Anyone who's actually used the PS3 and PS4 would know that you've obviously NEVER been on one or the other....probably both. But I just wanted to play along for a few while DriveClub is downloading.

tanukisuit1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I actually like the launch/classic PSN Store version - the one with the blue blocks or whatever... it just had a nice charm to it *shrugs*. Possibly just nostalgic overload, idk...

loopygames1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I liked that one the most. It was simple to navigate and fast. The current PS Store just has too many tabs/options.

tanukisuit1209d ago

Honestly, this is going to sound soooo cheesy, but the store sound effects combined with the layout made it seem like a real "shopping experience".

The current layout, which is okay in my books, feels too much like I'm trying to browse for a movie rental, lol.

_-EDMIX-_1209d ago

lol, memories. I personally liked the old way too, the new format looks great too though. I never really got those that would judge the PS Store lol, I'm not on there long enough to really notice much.

If anything I love that the speed has increased, but that will come along with consoles with better ram, cpu's etc.

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