DriveClub is in much better shape nowadays. Try it for £11.99

Dealspwn: A rough start isn't always a bad thing, sometimes it leads to some sweet discounting and DriveClub is now available for just £11.99. This is for a preowned copy, saving you nearly £10 over a new copy.

Sony and Evolution Studios have been hard at work since launch and the game's online issues (it was practically impossible to get online for the first two weeks) have been patched, meaning this is much closer to the driving game that was originally promised. The track design is exceptional both in terms of layout and visual class. Loading times for the single-player races are super fast too. The handling can be a mixed bag and the penalty system takes a while to adjust to, but this is well worth a look and setting online challenges for other users is competitive bliss. Recent patches have also included rainy weather effects (I've never seen better) and there are a few extra events and vehicles available for free in the store too. Sony have reaffirmed that the PlayStation + version was still on the way, but seeing as it will only give you the India tracks and a few cars, you're better off laying £11.99 down for the full thing.

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Blues Cowboy1403d ago

Hang about, isn't the PS+ version out yet? TBH it's easily worth £11.99, doesn't really matter.