Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Watch The Glorious Original Mass Effect Running on the New Console

Just a couple days ago, Electronic Arts finally unveiled Mass Effect Andromeda, but what if you want to play the original? Xbox One preview members have another chance to do so thanks to the backwards compatibility feature, that is already available to them.

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dreadz741316d ago

Man XB1 is killing it!!!

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RosweeSon1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

You mean Xbox 360. As for if Sony announced it would be met by the same response... Meh! It's a bonus sure to be able to play your games from the last 10 years but surely if you've been playing them for the last 10 years you want to move on?! I know I do I retired my Xbox 360 after 9 years last Christmas and my PS3 is on the verge of being sold on once I finish off my digital backlog but seriously were 18 months into Next gen I want some games that push things on, I've spent the last 18 months playing last gen's classics as even tho I bought a ps4 and Wii U on day one I had the sense to know the best of the best games aren't gonna show up for 12-24 months, it's not rocket science.

ravens521316d ago

Agree. But there are some gem out there such as blood borne...I was gonna mention some mediocre / cross gen games, guess that wouldn't really count:/ I have 20 physical games and about 50 something ps+ games. Oh I think driveclub is one as well. But yea the rest are cross/mediocre. Is DA:I crossgen yes right? Anyway their are a few good games. Should still keep your ps3 tho for ur children or what have you, sold mine and not happy about it. Had a backlog on that as well.Aaaaaahhhh Gaaaaaammmmesss!!!

ravens521316d ago

Off the subject sorry. GO XBOX woot woooooot!

UnHoly_One1316d ago

I like going back and replaying my favorite games.

I'm playing Fallout: New Vegas again right now. The Fallout 4 reveal made me want to get it out again.

After that, I might do Fallout 3 again, not sure.

It's not at all uncommon for me to do that with old games. I usually get out my favorites and replay them every couple years at least.

So I'm loving this. I will get to replay them without having to switch consoles, and have the option to record clips and such. It's my favorite announcement of the whole E3.

AngelicIceDiamond1316d ago

"You mean Xbox 360. As for if Sony announced it would be met by the same response... Meh!"

No it wouldn't lol. I can see headlines of ppl saying

"Sony proves its more gamer friendly than MS"

"Sony once again Stomps on MS with BC"

"Sony is for the gamers, Not MS"

"Sony re-haunts MS anti gamer policies"

And no I don't need a crystal ball those headlines will guaranteed get written its super common sense and you know it. MS is further separating themselves from 2 years ago. The fans requested this feature it wasn't MS's idea.

shloobmm31316d ago

Yeah would be considered the greatest thing since sliced bread if sony did this. The hypocrisy with the pro sony only gamers is ridiculous.

Professor_K1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Doubt it, sonys fanbase would blow it to heaven declare sony ultimate saints melt downt the internet and declare an early victory or some fanboy hype nonsense.

700p1316d ago

Many people enjoy playing their old games. Being able to play them on the new console is freaking amazing.

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slate911316d ago

The same people hating on this FREE backwards compatibility are the same ones who were praising sony for old games they have to pay for lol

christocolus1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

well said. lol. kinda of ironic too. isn't it? No matter what anyone says imo this is an amazing feature to have. Glad MS is supporting this.Now my friends can put their 360's aside and move over to current gen.

LexHazard791316d ago

People say its not a system seller. Thats bull. Maybe not at this stage, but had they had this feature for launch more Xbox 360 gamers would have made the jump. I feel like its a great feature.

oh but I bought the new systems to play new games. Yeah thats well and true. But you know at some point you get the itch to do some retro gaming. Atleast Xbox gamers now have that option. Also now maybe the kid who didnt want to get a xbox one because he cant finish his backlog, guess what baby we got you covered this Holiday!

Its time to trade in them 360 go on black friday. Probably pay like $100 out of pocker for a bundle.

Great ft, and great games coming to Xbox One. I wish you PS only heads well with PSNow. Maybe they will lower the prices some to compensate.

Genuine-User1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Maybe I haven't looked hard enough, but who is it exactly that's hating on backwards compatibility?
As far as I'm concerned, BC is good news for consumers.
Sony should most definitely look into this.

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Neo_Zeed1316d ago

Nobody hates BC. It's just not a game changing win. Also MS track record for BC sucks.

Julion07151315d ago

It's crazy ppl are hating on this my fault I mean Sony fan camp hating on this when this is jus another option for gamers. It's a feature many this gen have ask for now it's here without a price tag and Sony fans hate it smh xbox one is killing only a blind fanboy will disagree. Plus plenty of new games good shit ms

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Bigpappy1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

I know I'll be getting back my arcade games that I still might have rebought on X1 if they rereleast . Now I don't have too. Phil isn't making me rent games or rebut those I already own. Instead of them trying to get Sony's butt to stop ripping them off, they are focused on finding nagatives where there actually are none.

There is a good chance these games may even run better on the emulator

Azzanation1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

This is great news, I can now retire my 360, freeing up a power socket and room on my bench. A lot of people underestimate the importance of BC. This is such a great feature, not only does it allow you to play your old games but it also adds a giant boost to your gaming library. You can now purchase 2nd hand 360 games and play them on your X1 with no extra cost and dirt cheap game prices. Now the X1 looks a lot more appealing to the mass market.

Those saying its not a game changing, well it is, its a giant feature that helps sell hardware and also it could be the end of remasters for X1. Devs can now work on bigger and better projects instead of recycling there old games and reselling them at full price.

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MCTJim1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

I dont have to watch this, I've been playing it :D

Disagrees??? are you kidding? How can you say I'm not playing it when I just did last night?

Klamba921316d ago

Same here tired it out yesterday along with battleblock theater, runs smoothly more or less with some minor hiccups which i suspect will be sorted out by the public launch. Hoping for ME2 and ME3 to be available soon!

Eterna1Ice1316d ago

I hope you meant "tried"?

ravens521316d ago

Jk lol I gave you an agree. The nerve of these people !
I agree to agree with everyone! No disagrees please;)

Elit3Nick1316d ago

How does save storage work? I tried it earlier and it only gave me the option for cloud storage, it wouldn't accept the USB stick that I put in.

Svinya1316d ago

Saves on the HD or cloud, just like the 360 did

Elit3Nick1316d ago

Hmm, it didn't give me an option for my internal or my 2tb external

Sayai jin1316d ago

@MCT, don't worry about the disagrees. The hate and denial is strong on this subject.

I'm playing it as well, but put it on bold to play the gears beta.

Palitera1316d ago

Does the frame rate changes?

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totalrecoilzz1316d ago

so if you was to play cod black ops 2 or cod4 on xbone would you still get all the hackers?

Mikefizzled1316d ago

Yes because you are playing the same multiplayer as them. Its literally the same game.

Neither of those games, however, are supported but both rate highly on the Xbox User Voice page.

Svinya1316d ago

I've been playing COD4 for the last week and i think the hackers are gone. Haven't seen one. Gotta try World at War, too. That game was infested.

FlameWater1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

So is there going to be a PC comparison or is the game completely equal graphically?

FlameWater1316d ago

Why does curtis92 always get flagged and have 2 bubbles?!?!

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