At Home but Not Alone: How PlayStation Home Pioneered Social Spaces in Gaming

"A year after I left there were about 38 million downloads, on a platform that had 80 million devices at the time which is pretty damn good actually," he confirms. "And then there's something like 3 million monthly actives [users] which again is pretty damn good. From that there was something like 3 percent spending GBP 11 a month," Oscar Clark, digital architect for Home told NDTV.

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AudioEppa2050d ago

PS4 needs something like this for everyone who enjoys it.

I know people hate on home, but who cares. PlayStation the is hub for everything you should ever want and need. That's what makes PlayStation awesome as a home entertainment system.

I know there's already a home-ish replacement on ps4 right now and another one coming and i hope they find success :)

n1ghtw1ng2050d ago

I hope you're right. Would be interesting if so :)