Goat Simulator - Review - Xbox One UK

Leigh Walker of Xbox One UK wrote :
Coffee stain studios are a fairly new name in the industry, and the Swedish developers shot to fame with the impressive Sanctum, and for console gamers Sanctum 2 for Xbox 360.

During an in-house Game Jam they had a new creation which was showcased on YouTube and it took the world by storm, Was it a new FPS/Tower defense hybrid, maybe a Sci-Fi shooter…

It was of course ‘Goat Simulator’ and over the last year, It’s got much more than a cult following, selling literally millions of copies across PC and mobile, and now with Double Eleven Studios helping out with development and publishing it’s heading to the Xbox One.

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ThinkThink3357d ago

"I am a simple goat... I live in the back ofapickuptruck.."
Bubbles to who knows what that's from :)

gangsta_red3357d ago

Adam Sandlar song I believe.

ThinkThink3357d ago

Bubbles for you, nicely done.

skyrim3357d ago

So is this even a game really lol, I'm so confused right now.

Nwah3357d ago

It's just let's play bait.

WeAreLegion3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

It's a satire of all the games that release in a broken state, as well as the ridiculous/unnecessary simulator games that flood the market in many countries.

It's actually a really fun game. I highly recommend it.

skyrim3357d ago

That's interesting I'll check it out when it releases on x1.

Khajiit863357d ago

If you puff, its the best/funniest game of all time.

WeirdShroom3357d ago

Looks like you attracted a few Buzz Killington's. Must suck being stuck in the past. +1


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adaminoregon564d ago

South park stick of truth is the funniest game ever made.


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