PlayStation Plus Free Games January 2020 Download Links for US & EU Now Live

The PlayStation Plus free games January 2020 download links for both US & EU can be accessed below, along with file sizes, description and more.

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seanpitt23461d ago

Yes I can’t wait to get back home from work and play the amazing goat simulator....

philm87460d ago

It's pretty well rated I think. Makes sense they'd have it on PS Plus as it has loads of DLC to sell on top.

I'm hoping for Nier Automata soon, but probably end up with something like Metal Gear Survive.

The Wood460d ago

Nier Automata should be fairly cheap now... Quality title. I wish sony would purchase Platinum Games but I highly doubt that'll happen.

fiveby9460d ago

Kudos to the submitter and site for having specific links for US and EU. Always appreciated.

excaliburps460d ago

They even say in the description that it shouldn't be taken seriously. Haha!

rainslacker460d ago

It's one of those games you just have to play. Nothing really describe it.

Yi-Long460d ago

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a goat ...

Rebel_Scum460d ago

You cant though, theres only one Tom Brady.

Sniperwithacause460d ago

You spelt Aaron Rodgers wrong.

Elda460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

I'll put the 2 games in my library but I've have no intention to play them. I have played the first 3 Uncharted games on the PS3 & the collection on the PS4,I have a nice backlog of games that'll keep me be busy throughout this year including this years releases of new PS4 exclusives & multiplats.