PS Plus January 2020 Lineup Is Different For PS Middle East But Repeats a Game For PS Asia

Sony has announced the PS Plus games lineup for January 2020. It has frustrated some of the fans who have a PS+ Asia subscription due to a repeated game.

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Nosferatu_dude1174d ago

Hey I also want frantics over goat simulator!

Exvalos1173d ago

I'd rather have whatever frantic is over goat simulator horrible month imo

sampsonon1173d ago

i get a chance to play the Drake Collection. never had a chance to play them.

ElementX1173d ago

You've always had a chance to play, you decided not to.

sampsonon1173d ago


i was in prison asshole

ElementX1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

I respect your honesty, but there's no need for naming calling. You joined N4G 768 days ago, did you join inside or out? If you joined after, you've had 2 years to play. Depending upon how long you were locked up, you could've played the games separately as they were released

I played the games on PS3, however I don't think I finished UC3. I don't own them on PS4 so the collection is nice to get.

sampsonon1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )


the world doesn't revolve around gaming.
all i said was i didn't get a chance to play the games.
you want to know my life story lol.

there are more than one person that uses this account.
that's all you need to know.

I was joking, i wasn't and never have been in prison.
I thought i would just fuk with you because of your stupid comment to such a not a big deal statement i made.

grow up, and leave me alone.

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1173d ago