Battlefield: Bad Company - PS3 vs Xbox360

See the differences between the two versions.

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Relcom3962d ago

oh boy, i thought we were over this trend by now. oh well, flame on

3962d ago
Relcom3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Thats a good start Breakfast but i know you can do better

Breakfast3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Well....the ps3 version of Battlefield plays in 4d, 1080p, and 120fps. Thank you "The Power of the Cell"

...I guess thats why the colours are washed out.

gambare3962d ago

I fixed the color "problem" by just adjusting the color set on my TV and it looks exactly the same as the 360 version, how come that the reviewers can't do that?

Voozi3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

What ever happened to...

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How are Breakfast's comments civilized let alone mature? And with OZ comments like those out in the GZ how can a person have so many bubbles? lol w/e reported =P

On topic though, 360 version does look better in this comparassion, but was weird cause in the GT comparssion both versions looked the same. But when playing both versions side by side (well the demo at least) The PS3 demo seemed to be more "brighter" but didnt look washed out like in this vid, but I did prefer the look of the 360 version though on my TV.

So idk, haven't picked this game up though but if I do I'll def get it for 360 cause I prefer the controller for shooters and the online community as well (people w/ mics compared to noone w/ mics on psn lol) Most likely gonna wait till they patch in Conquest mode then gonna see how many of my friends are playing it as well since I didn't like that Gold Rush mode mode that much in the beta & demo

EastCoastSB3962d ago

Breakfast is only joking around.

Domenikos3962d ago

Ill give him some bubbles... ¬¬

gameraxis3962d ago

thats all, i don't feel like getting into any reasons y ur wrong.. both systems are great!!

RudeSole Devil3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Its very simple people, do what I did if you can, download both demos one on the PS3 and other on the 360 and see for yourself. I did just that and the Xbox 360 version looks much better. You can adjust your TV and PS3 all you want, but the said fact is that Digital Illusions is just a lazy gaming company, who did a sh_i_t job porting the game over to the PS3. The reason the games looks washed out is because there is no normal map in the PS3 version. Here's another example that proves how lazy and cheep these developer are when porting games, like I said above download both demos and shoot down any tree. The bottom of the reaming part of the tree trunk the 360 version looks like the tree ripped off the trunk with jagged pieces of wood sticking up , and on the PS3 version has everything the 360 has but the development team or artist forgot and just didn't care to remove the alpha channel form the texture, because if looks like one polygon but you can see the texture there. for all you Xbots that think the GPU or the texture memory on the PS3 is inferior your just as lazy and retarded as Digital Illusions, in fact the PS3 has a much more efficient GPU and 512 megs of total memory with 256 meg 5x faster than the Xbox 360. This and many other games proved to me along time ago, that when a game is going cross platform and the main SKU is the 360 stay far away.

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paracardium3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

My ps3 version doesn't look like that all...that tv is obviously toasted or the screen is going.That was inded the worst thing I've seen in awhile.It's like they put the brightness or contrast to max for that vid lol.

Common Sense3962d ago

It doesn't look washed on my T.V.
It looks a whole lot vibrant on my T.V.
Let me guess, they forgot to put it on RGB Full again.

jwatt3962d ago

Well I'm looking at my ps3 version right now, I'm in a little further section a head but my version looks alot brigher than thier ps3 version. If this is true I think you have to look at the developers because I know the ps3 is capable of displaying brighter colors than that.

addic3962d ago

many tvs doesnt support the "rgb full" setting. i have two lcd tvs, one of them supports full rgb, the other doesnt.

it DOES look like the video when you put rgb mode to "full" if your tv doesnt support it.

i think most of the reviewers dont know at all if their tv set supports rgb full.

so, i give a f**k about these comparisons. i know that it doesnt look like the video when you are using the correct settings.

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GiantEnemyCrab3962d ago

Well that seems obvious. The 360 version is clearly better with deeper color while the PS3 version looks washed out (again).

Fun game.

Shaka2K63962d ago

Unleash the microsoft paidshills at eurogamer or gametrailers are trying to spin other wise.

juuken3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Yes, yes GiantEnemyTurd, it looks MUCH better than the PS3 version. What, do you want a f*cking cookie or something? Because once again, 360 fanatics MUST rely on multi-platform games to claim the 360 as being the superior console!

EDIT: GiantEnemyTurdForBrains: Oh, I'm sorry, I shouldn't offer you a cookie. I should offer you a foot up the ASS for that matter. I watched the viceo on Gametrailers and the two versions look EXACTLY THE SAME! Why must 360 fanatics always have to resort to this crap? It's annoying and it makes them look even more desperate.

Snuka: How exactly does my argument fail? Please tell me how does it fail? These comparison videos are starting to get ridiculous now. It's coming to the point where multi-platform games are looking good for BOTH systems. What, we have to get a magnifying glass now to see how much of a difference it is?

REDZEV: What did I say about burying that stupid avatar BOY? That is so 2006!

GiantEnemyCrab3962d ago

Nah you can keep the cookie but I would really appreciate it if you would drink a nice tall glass of STFU.

Snukadaman3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

leave it to you to spin something like this...good job fatso. By your thinking people should just get a ps3 for exclusives alone....forget all of the multiplatform games...or you could get a 360 and get good exclusives AND the better version of a multi.

@ juuken You mean with all the explanation I gave you in a couple of sentences you need more explanation juuken..come on now.

REDZEV3962d ago

I agree dude. ive completed campaign mode which was really good and multiplayer is awesome. hit me up on live sometime for some multiplayer. REDZEV

AngryTypingGuy3962d ago

The 360 has slightly more background detail, but they both look great. To be honest, that little screen isn't the best way to judge which looks better.

juuken3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Hmm...wait, hold on.

It does seem as if the PS3 version has more color and a bit more detail, now that I watched it again. The 360 version on the other hand looks a bit washed out. So now I see the difference, once I watched the video over.

But Montrealien is right. It's not a HUGE difference.

Montrealien3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Has it really gotten to this? Again, I must be the idiot that does not see the difference but damn, if you do see one it is not big enough to matter imho.

Sometimes I wish we where still in the days of comparing a multi platform games in the 16bit gen. And I preferred the SNES version of MK2, thx for asking, lol

Edit: @ shnuka....

you lost me as "you droids" sorry. However to answer you question, I would rather buy all of them and play all the exclusives! I win!

It is official! I have been called a Droid AND an Xbot on N4G, love it! lol My mission is going on as planned ;-D And to answer you question, I would rather buy all of them and play all the exclusives!

Snukadaman3962d ago

Would you rather spend money on the console that only has exclusives or the one that has exclusives and the better version of a multi..I will agree that it is a miniscule improvement over the ps3...its the idea of you droids arguing that the ps3 is so powerful that makes that microscopic improvement stand out. its safe to say you and your fellow droids think the ps3 can outperform ANY console regardless of the many comparisons...hell as it stands I think you morons actually believe the next iteration of the xbox will be outperformed by the ps3...hence your Idea that the ps3 has a 10 year plan that will pan out.

highdro3962d ago

u do know that u can adjust the colours on ur t.v... oh my bad CRABS dont have that type of a brain (-_-)

Darkwolf3962d ago

Only because eurogamer are paid kickbacks by Microsoft to make it look worse..I could make my 360 look better than my PS3 if i adjusted my colour and contrast cant trust any site these days to be honest about anything..

karlostomy3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

1. Snuka, crab and redzev state correctly that the 360 version is better (slightly) as per usual.
2. The 360 fans are proud and question the ability of the ps3
3. juuken arrives and desperately defends the ps3
4. Other people arrive and lament the fanboy war and the silliness of it all
5. Karlostomy arrives and *chuckles with amusement*
6. Juuken replies with yet more desperation, eats some comfort food and then upbubbles her own account

That about covers it.

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paracardium3962d ago

Clearly was made to make this game look horrible. On my system the colors even look better then 360. Ah well a few us at my house got a good laugh out this one.

Millah3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Yea Eurogamer can't be serious about this lmfao. I have the Ps3 version, and my roommate has the 360 version, and I've played bothed versions on the exact same TV and they both look EXACTLY THE SAME.

Lol, I mean is Eurogamer serious?? They fail so hard, who actually takes them serious?

Whats even more stupid of them is that they don't realize that other sites have shown legit comparison videos that show they look identical. Idiots.

juuken3962d ago

...Not this sh*t again...*sighs*