Battlefield ? - The Curious Case for Sustained Seasonal Battlefield and an All-New Bad Company

AusGamers was curious at the lack of a new Battlefield or even Bad Company at this year's E3 and posited questions around the series' future through one of their expert Battlefield players. The end result is a deep-dive on how EA and DICE should look at the modern landscape in games and potentially reposition their development and support priorities.

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PhoenixUp839d ago

I’ve given up hope waiting on a new Bad Company game.

Kornholic839d ago (Edited 839d ago )

Yeah and even if they did make a new Bad Company, I'm not so sure they could make a good Bad Company. The last good BF game came out in 2013. After that it has got progressively worse. BF1 and BFV are just bad, I can't stand the gameplay.

CBaoth839d ago (Edited 839d ago )

The rumors of Bad Company 3 launching alongside PS5 n Nxtbox in 2020 need to be true. EA could use some good PR. A highly requested game minus loot boxes minus interviews from dumbass Dice employees might do the trick. Well at least 2 outta 3 aint bad. Probably a better chance seeing pigs fly than an EA game w/o loot boxes

TargusX839d ago

I wish they'd added a full-featured offline bots mode to BC2 & DLC - I'd still be playing it!

DaniMacYo839d ago (Edited 839d ago )

I’ve always wanted Battlefield to have bots like cod black ops giving the player a lot of creative options.

CorndogBurglar839d ago

The funny thing is Battlefield games did used to have an offline bots mode. In Battlefield 2 you could play single player and it was just like playing a normal MP match except the enemies were AI.

Inzo839d ago

They are too busy slapping out fires and there Battle Royal is DOA.

Father__Merrin839d ago

Great game series just bought bf1/titanfall 2 double pack on origin the player count is awful I know there a couple of years old but it's not worth it. This is one reason your better sticking to consoles

CorndogBurglar839d ago (Edited 839d ago )

Titanfa 2's player count has been pretty bad for a long time, even on consoles. That game deserved so much more because it's great. But EA screwed them over by having it release between Battlefield and COD's releases that year. They also had next to no advertising for it. Not to mention it was the first time TF was going to be on anything other than Xbox, so it could have really used a better release with some actual advertising.

As for BF1? It's just not a very good game. If it was then player could would not he a problem at all on PC. When Battlefield was still good the player count was never a problem whatsoever on PC. Even years later. Hell, people still play Battlefield 2 on PC...

The real problem with Battlefield isn't the platform it's being played on. It's that the franchise has been dumbed down so much. BF1 was the beginning of that. It was the first truly disappointing BF game. If it had been good there would still be countless people paying for servers and running their BF games for years to come just like all the previous BF releases.

Father__Merrin839d ago

Well titanfall 2 Multiplayer all I can ever find is attrition but only after waiting a long time its massively underrated. But I'm slowly playing single player instead it's a top tier AAA game imo

CorndogBurglar839d ago

For sure! Titanfall 2 is fantastic game with a really great single player campaign, even if it is a bit short. It hit me in the feels, for sure.

But again, TF2 was the first time TF was multiplatform, so a lot of people had no experience with it outside of Xbox One users. And on top of that they released it in between the releases of Battlefield 1 and CoD with no advertising, which is just suicide for a FPS franchise that is trying to make name for itself.

It's a shame because TF2 was better than both BF1 and COD that year.

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