Battlefield Bad Company is Now Available on EA Access

Battlefield Bad Company has now joined the EA Access vault as a title that's free for those that subscribe to the EA service on Xbox One consoles.

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Jinger1369d ago

They are even adding BC games? Say what you will about EA, EA ACCESS is probably their best consumer friendly movement they have made in a LOOOONG time.

nowitzki20041369d ago

Its not that great.. I mean you can get Bad Company for less than $5

Jinger1369d ago

But you also get a lot of other games with it besides Bad Company.

nowitzki20041369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

Other games that are not very good. Ive had EA Access on few occasions. I rarely used it.. Last time I had it was last couple months and I literally shut it down this month because theres isn't much thats worth my time on there.

Jinger1369d ago


That's fine, I'm not saying you need to sub every year or anything.

XMarkstheSpot1369d ago

They've been adding BC for awhile now. Dead Space 1,2,3, Dragon Age, Skate 3 I think and some others

SlyBoogie19931369d ago


You not a fan of any of the Battlefield, Dead Space, Mirrors Edge, NFS, Peggle, Plants vs Zombies, UFC, Dragon Age or Mass Effect games? NFS has a few disappointing games sure, but the others don't exactly make for a poor lineup? Do they? Sure everyone has different tastes, nd if you don't actually like any of those then fair enough, but personally, I'd say EA Access offers up most of EA's best games (still a few gems missing) for an incredibly cheap price.

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KwietStorm_BLM1369d ago

Weren't they just asking us not too long ago to stop playing on older Battlefield games servers?