Forget the PS+ version, Driveclub's only £14.99 now

With no sign of the PS Plus version, this is the next best thing as you can now buy DriveClub preowned for just £14.99, making even the rather negative press seem less persuasive if you're desperate for a racing game on the PS4. This retailer is currently the cheapest around by about £10.

To be fair, things have seriously improved since launch, with most gamers able to connect to the online servers to enjoy multiplayer races and take part in challenges to earn points for their club. A recent weather patch also saw rainstorms introduced, and boy are they insanely gorgeous, much like the rest of the game. The Scotland tracks are now absolutely lethal though in the wet. Check out the new DriveClub DLC announced recently too.

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GokuSolosAll3324d ago

It'll be $5 by time we get the gimped version for "free*" now.

*$50/year isn't free.

one2thr3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Well, I have dropped about $65 (including tax) on games up to this point, and I had no problem dropping $50 for a year subscription of PS+ and I get 2 free titles, plus crazy discounts on different content within the PS store, across 3 different consoles.

Mind you, I pay about $8(actually $7.99) a month for Netflix, and if my maths correct thats about $96 dollars a year spent on Netflix.

I pay almost half as much for PS+ than I do Netflix, and I feel as though I get more in return from PS+ than I do Netflix. MY OPINION

Sn-not meant to bash Netflix

BlueOnBlue223324d ago

great game and getting better with all the updates

Crazyglues3324d ago

Yeah it was a pretty good game, I bought it for $49.99 plus price, when it came out.

And I love the game, bought the season pass, and as a racing fan it's been worth it's weight in gold, it also made waiting for GT7 less painful..

If your a racing fan, there is no reason you could have as to why you don't have this game.. Love DriveClub, it was fun and I still play a little here and there..

Not mad at it at all...(and the developers keep improving things)

Clown_Syndr0me3324d ago

But £14.99 isn't free.
They lied to us, simple. Don't trust anyone in the games industry anymore - you WILL be let down.
Im not one to think I'm entitled to stuff, but I'd rather they didn't go on and on about something for free and then never actual provide.

jukins3324d ago

The free version is one location and a couple of cars. For this price if youre still crying about not getting the ps+ version then you really never wanted the game ppl ate missing out on a great racer

blockcoc3324d ago

You really missed the point of his post and even though he went out of his way to outline how he does not think he is entitled to free stuff. Read it again.

jukins3324d ago

And maybe you missed the point of mine. I acknowledged its not free but for the price come on. And there's a difference between lying And unforseen circumstances preventing a statement from becoming tRue. If you believe Sony presented driveclub ps+ with no intentions of actually offering it then yes they lied but that's not the case.

The server issues were horrible at launch and even though they work near perfect there's times when you can't connect when you initially start the game. With potentially 20 million more players to have to accommodate even if the one location all that data could disrupt the smooth experience paying customers have become accustomed to. it'll come Be patient. hell as much free dlc as.they've already given away the ps+ version might be even better than what was promised

Spotie3324d ago

They lied? So you're saying Sony never intended on giving out the PS+ version? Or are you saying that you're a liar if something outside your control prevents you from doing something you said you'd do?

Clown_Syndr0me3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

I understand a delay, but I don't see any reason they can't release it now?
I don't even want it but there's no reason now. The game works fine, been reduced loads etc so whats the excuse?
Some of you people have your heads so far up Sony ass! You can be a fan of something without constantly trying to defend them. I like McDonalds but there's no denying half the time the foods cold and looks thrown together by children.

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60FPS on PS5: Unofficial PS5 'FPS Boost' mods are radically improving PS4 back compat

Digital Foundry : Whether it's via FPS Boost or bespoke software upgrades, backwards compatibility on the current-gen consoles delivered an unexpected delight - the ability to liberate older console games from their 30fps limits, running them at 60 frames per second or even higher. FPS Boost did the business for Xbox Series consoles on an impressive range of titles, but there was always the sense that PS5 could do more. It's a hunch that checks out as a range of frame-rate unlocks are available for PS5, covering many must-have games - the major caveat being that only exploitable consoles running on older firmwares are invited to the party.

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darthv7294d ago

you love to see new life being breathed into older titles but damn the process to get there. It should be automatic that these work for everyone... not just those who exploit their systems. Really wish Sony and MS would keep this program going officially.

Psychonaut8594d ago

Damn this sucks. I want this shit so bad, but I’m not jailbreaking my console. And frankly I shouldn’t have to. I’m not a tech person, but is it really that hard for developers to unlock the framerate? Or would that have to be a large patch?

dveio94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

"but is it really that hard for developers to unlock the framerate?"

I guess it's not.

But it has become a profitable business if you do so.

So no one would pay for only the framerate patched to being unlocked. So studios need to offer more than that.

But this would take more time, polishing and would cost more money. So they shy away, but won't unlock the framerate, either.

That's just my personal assumption. But from what I can comprehend technically, it shouldn't be difficult to unlock framerates via a patch for older games.

... if it hadn't became a business.

RaidenBlack94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

frame-rate unlock should be free ...
We've seen many devs offer free patches and updates to pretty old PC titles, even bonuses ... so why can't devs offer the frame unlock patch for free (in consultation with the platform-producers) for a title from just a generation earlier?

Einhander197294d ago


"frame-rate unlock should be free ..."

Obviously the result of that thinking is that developers aren't even going to do it.

If they had been allowed to charge $5-10 you would see incentivized developers doing it way more often.

People just always want everything for free, but it's not free to make the patch, people have to code it then other people have to test it, and there will always be other costs involved.

If people want dollar store gaming then expect to get what you pay for.

shinoff218393d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Raiden I might be wrong but last I thought it cost money to put patches out on consoles.

As far as me paying for it, I'm not all that interested tbh. Not enough to pay for it with older games, and newer games have been pretty decent about it for the most part.

dumahim94d ago

Sounds like the modder has to go in to make changes to unlock it on a game by game basis. "Simple" enough to do it unofficially, but to have it done officially, they need someone to go in a make that change, put out a patch and put it through certification, which I believe is not necessarily a cheap thing to do. It's questionable if going through this would then give them enough sales to make it worthwhile.

Inverno94d ago

Many games still have physics tied to framerate, i think it's cause they wouldn't want to go in and do anything extra. Then there's the 10 dollar upgrades they rather charge. The problem is that there's no compromise, cause if I could mod my PS4 and all I'd lose is online play then id jailbreak it immediately. Mods have done so much for PC games and they could do the same for consoles, but manufacturers hafto be willing to compromise.

shinoff218393d ago

It's not to hard to do and there's youtube videos that break it down really well. ANyway most of us here arent able to break are console anyway due to being up to date on firmware from playing