Review: DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition

Stevivor -- "The controversy over Capcom’s reboot of Devil May Cry is long done and dusted, but it might have chased fans away from the franchise. If nothing else, the release of DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition gives those types — and others who missed out — a chance to play a great little game."

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Jackhass3281d ago

I've been kinda meaning to play this game, so I might give the remaster a try.

XisThatKid3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

This is great, now that it's not cool anymore to hate this game because someone else does This game can get the sales it deserves I see some unbias reviews plus on the great current gen systems with 60FPS like they intended to do from the jump.
Hopefully We get a sequel to DmC sometime and I guess DMC5 for those that want that.

KnightRobby3281d ago

It actually is a lot of fun tbh. Too bad there was a lot of disrespect towards the original character concept (the mop on the head). I mean, it's like someone new stepped in and said, "Eff you hardcore fans for supporting the franchise all these years. Now I'm gonna change it up with or without you bitches."

Still...fun game though! Seriously. And that is the world today.

Summons753281d ago

When's 4 come out, nobody cared about this the first time and nobody will care this time around.

Benjammin253281d ago

Give it a rest will you? The game has gotten way more hate than it ever deserved. Guess what? It's a good game. Devil May Cry fan boys aren't going to change that fact.

Summons753281d ago

Considering it was terrible gameplay and (not sure if they fixed it in the remaster) a ton of game breaking technical issues to top off a bad story and poor art design...yeah I would say that's pretty bad and it was pretty much consensus and then we add in the very VERY poor sales and the devs insulting gamers and Japanese developers all because they can't handle criticism. The game's hate is justified, why do you think they are releasing the better game as well as this?

OmegaShen3281d ago

You need to lay off the demon milk, because it's blinding you from the truth.

Story was dumb, humans drinking something that came from a demon -_- Really? It's like they weren't even trying and I heard Devil May Cry 4 sold three times more then this game (which it says the fans didn't care for it).

SnakePlissken3281d ago

Gotta agree with you! It was a great game!

areisul3281d ago

Notice how when the announcement came everyone was excited for the ~five seconds worth of DMC4:SE teaser, not the trailer for the Definitive Edition.

DmC:Devil May Cry should never have been a DMC game. Is it fine on it's own merits? Sure, if you can stomach the edgy pseudo-political story, the terrible teenager's-wet-dream dialogue, and the uninspired enemy/boss/art design. But the game shits on everything Devil May Cry was about while the devs pretend like it's the greatest thing since sliced bread when it's not.

It sold like shit for a reason, and I'm going to be happy when it sells like shit again.

pivotplease3281d ago

If it's any consolation for the reboot...dmc4's story was absolutely retarded as well.

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DragonKnight3281d ago

It got exactly the hate it deserved. There's so many reasons I could easily go into, but they've been stated before so I won't. Devil May Cry 4 is indeed what most are waiting for. Truthfully, the only reason Capcom is releasing this is off the hope that DMC4 will help to sell this DmC definitive version since the original flopped so badly.

VileAndVicious3281d ago

Last I checked DmC has sold somewhere around 1.6 million life time....


This is about in line with most other games in the franchise. So I wouldn't exactly say it sold horribly

DragonKnight3281d ago

Those fell woefully below Capcom's expectations, and lifetime sales matter little compared to immediate sales.

VileAndVicious3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Lol Capcom also wasn't very happy with the 5 million copies of Resident Evil 6 that sold.

Honestly DmC did about as well as any hack & slash from recent memory (especially in 2013). Bayonetta and MG-revengeance included.

I personally think they expect too much out of their games.

Id be surprised if DMC4:SE does much better. But we shall soon see

saukelover123281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

im fan boy and i think the game is awesome i like the old and the new Dante but more of a Vergil fan anyway

aPerson3281d ago

Another day, another remaster...

forgetmenot3281d ago

Im looking forward to Dmc 4 remaster ,but to those who enjoyed DmC enjoy and ill leave it at that.

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DmC: Devil May Cry - So Good They Named it Twice

DmC: Devil May Cry launched 10 years ago to critical acclaim, but caused a significant stir amongst fans of the series.

SDuck408d ago

all in all, it was the 2nd most replayed by me (first being dmc5)

Godmars290408d ago

Named it twice cause they lacked imagination.

ApocalypseShadow408d ago

No matter how many times they try to push this game, I'll never play it.

But the PR keeps pushing it and pushing it when other DMC games are better and sold better.