Top 5 Best Devil May Cry Games

Devil May Cry V launches next week and in celebration, we're looking back at all the games in the series to list the best 5. Here are our selections for the top 5 best Devil May Cry games.

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ReVibe1730d ago

Top 5 Super Smash Bros games.


The Best Hack and Slash Games of All Time on Xbox 360

It's game time!, or is it hacking and slashing time? Doesn't matter! Enjoy the best hack and slash games on the Xbox 360

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darthv72121d ago

....and that's a bad thing how?

343_Guilty_Spark121d ago

If it ain’t on Sony box it’s bad

autobotdan121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Ninja Gaiden 2 was never multiplat. NG Sigma 2 is a remixed game not the same game at all

darthv72121d ago

Dante's inferno... such a great GoW inspired game. So sad the sequel was canned, it sounded like it was going to be even more epic than the first.

Vits120d ago

Yeap, classic GoW is still better mechanically. But the aesthetics and atmosphere of Dante's Inferno were just top-notch. Shame it never got a PC port, but at the very least is available on modern Xbox.

Juiceid121d ago

This list is ok, but Ninja Gaiden reigns supreme!

GhostScholar120d ago

I just can’t get into the devil may cry series. In my opinion you never feel powerful in those games. The guns are pointless as they only serve to be a flashy part of a combo. DMC was the only one that I could tolerate long enough to beat.

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Devil May Cry 4 - 15 Years of Nero

Devil May Cry 4 launched 15 years ago today, bringing with it new character Nero. Has it stood the test of time?

Knushwood Butt294d ago

Never liked it and I think I got it day 1.

Cheap Capcom design of half a game that you have to walk through twice.

5 isn't much different in that department. Encounter the same boss three times with three different characters? Endless warehouses or alien-like tunnels that all look the same.

chrisx294d ago

In DMC 5, it's 4 times you encounter the same bosses if you count the Vergil dlc lol

Knushwood Butt294d ago

Yeah, I'm only up to chapter 19 so the total count can only go up!

kevco33294d ago

No troll, I always preferred DMC.

No haters, please.

Knushwood Butt294d ago

I'm actually with you there, but DMC has that terrible writing. Alex Garland isn't it?

FallenAngel1984294d ago

Nero will always stand the rest of time against Donte and Viola


DmC: Devil May Cry - So Good They Named it Twice

DmC: Devil May Cry launched 10 years ago to critical acclaim, but caused a significant stir amongst fans of the series.

SDuck313d ago

all in all, it was the 2nd most replayed by me (first being dmc5)

Godmars290313d ago

Named it twice cause they lacked imagination.

ApocalypseShadow313d ago

No matter how many times they try to push this game, I'll never play it.

But the PR keeps pushing it and pushing it when other DMC games are better and sold better.

TheLigX313d ago

Lol that’s absurd. You must be a real charmer.

Sgt_Slaughter313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Ah we're at that point in time where failed games end up being needlessly defended and pushed as "underrated" or "gems"

There's a reason this caused Capcom to go back to the traditional DMC franchise.

DMC V became the top selling game in the series by a longshot. Even the team was more eager to make a new DMC game rather than try and continue the DmC reboot/spin-off and listened to fan input for V.