PS4 Exclusive Deep Down: Capcom Aims for “Highest Quality Graphics of Any PS4 Game;” Gives New Info

Capcom recently released its Annual Report for 2014, and it included an update on Deep Down, provided by Consumer Games Development Division 2 Department 2 Senior Manager Teruki Miyashita.

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JMaine5182939d ago

I'm excited to see how this is looking now. Hopefully we can get this in 2015

GribbleGrunger2939d ago

I think this will look great, but there's something off putting about the two words 'randomly generated' that makes me worry. I suppose it's because I like a narrative with my RPGs and randomly generated means you can't really have that.

Randostar2939d ago

Well its a F2P. And the Major enphisis of this game is COOP. It would get boring pretty fast if dungeons and monster spawns were always the same.

thorstein2938d ago

I think that might be too simplistic of a translation. All of this was translated.

I think it might be better translated as procedurally generated.

morganfell2938d ago

Just remember, Diablo III had a degree of randomness in the generated dungeons and what was there was great. I wished there had been more and more diversity but if it is heading along those lines then great.

jznrpg2938d ago

I understand not liking randomly generated , the only game I remember liking with it was Sword of Vermillion . Maybe there were others but I can not think of them atm. But this game looks like something I will enjoy, rpg and coop for me and my son. Hopefully it hits west soon after japanese release.

GameNameFame2938d ago

This game looks amazing.

Just amazing what devs are starting to do with the strong power of the PS4.

kevnb2938d ago

persona 3, 4 all the diablo games.

CorndogBurglar2938d ago

Teruki Miyashita!

Miyashita on you!

Exari2938d ago

rogue legacy and binding of isaac both had randomly generated level and they were phenomenal, really made the game more fun and feel new everytime you play it.

also bloodborne has an optional area called the chalice dungeon which is randomly generated as well and it looks interesting

Bobby Kotex2938d ago

Yeah because the Diablo games have no narrative.

GribbleGrunger2938d ago

The narrative I speak of isn't just a cut scene here and there to create a basic structure, it's a fully integrated narrative as in Uncharted or TLOU. I demand more from my games now. For all I know this game may have the best narrative I've ever seen because of how cleverly they've managed the randomness, but I still worry when I see the word 'random'. I like the idea that the WHOLE scene is structured. You cannot do that randomly.

MazzingerZ2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

For me is just another luxory game PS4 can release, they don't hype it, just one more exclusive, reminds me of the PS2 era...

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NuggetsOfGod2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

30fps confirmed!

At least it's a slow pace game.

The dragon animation would look better @60fps.

nowitzki20042938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

Really? Every PS4 article? Is there no Xbox One or PC games you could be playing? You really have to troll every PS4 article?

Clunkyd2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

This troll thinks 60+ fps is everything and cares more about that than games itself. Thank god I don't have that stupid mentality and not limit myself from playing games that have the potential to be great.

ziggurcat2938d ago

nowhere in the article did they mention 30fps.

and the demo they showed a long time ago was 60fps... there'd be no reason to change that.

guyman2938d ago

Yet it wouldn't be able to reach 60 frames on the xbox one either. Much like the majority of all upcoming games on either platform, hypocritical troll.

Haki11122938d ago

Guyman how is he hypocritical? Where in his comment does he mention Xbox? I swear you Sony fanboys should wrap your ps4s in a bullet proof vest always so damn defensive

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nowitzki20042938d ago

OMG if this came out in 2015 that would help push 2015 to maybe being the greatest year ever.

BallsEye2938d ago

Well I expect it to look great. Not much to render in those corridors.

ziggurcat2938d ago

your downplaying is just getting sadder, and sadder with each passing day.

2938d ago
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Relientk772939d ago

I am very excited for Deep Down. I hope it's awesome.

Rick_Ross_Boss2939d ago

how about the best gameplay/story of any ps4 game? or is that all ps4 owners seem to care about now

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shodai2939d ago

its only that graphics are the the greatest way to show the power of next gen, its visual, you see the differences in an instant between last gen and this gen, all of that in a glimpse. but gameplay how the game feels is not something thats easily demonstrated, to have a true feel for it we must play the game ourselves, and capcom is not new in the industry, they know how to make good gameplay, The story is even less showable through clips.

So to demonstrate the power of next gen consoles, companies have to rely on graphics, and we have to hope that gameplay and story follows suit. because the last 2 are more difficult to demonstrate, especially if the game is still being developped.

q8kik2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

It's the dev that gave the update on the game .....
and guess what ? He gets to decide which topic he's going to tackle.

Sketchy_Galore2939d ago

You're trying to imply that PS4 owners only care about one aspect of gaming... by complaining that one article mentioned an aspect of gaming that isn't the one aspect you seemingly find important.

That was confusingly worded, I know. I'll try to help explain with an example of the kind of idiocy you're engaged in,

'Here we have the new Lexus, it's very spacious with a lot of leg room'.
'Okay, sweet. What about the leg room on the Toyota?'
'The Toyota is even roomier than the Lexus. Lots of leg room there'
'and here we have the Porsche, which has a top speed of...'
'Ugh, you car people are so obsessed with speed! Is that all you care about? What about the leg room?'

AD7052939d ago

or like those xbox one owners who think directx12 and every other dashboard update with make the xbox one 10000000 times more powerful than anything.

Master-H2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Right, because "all ps4 owners" are the ones that are making this game and gave this statement, not Capcom or anything...

Not only did you generalize over 18 million people, but you also did it in a way that doesn't even make sense.

Stay in school or get better at trolling.

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coolasj2939d ago

Get that volumetric fire going and I'll say that's a big step towards that.

fdkenzo2939d ago

Let's hope that they release this game this year....i am tired about games that ar delayed....
And i hope that we will have a new gameplay soon...