Mass Effect Interview

Bioware, once again, has something up its sleeve and is, amongst other things, involved with a sci-fi RPG, entitled Mass Effect, which is slated to appear on the Xbox 360. A few days ago, were able to get hold of Mass Effect Project Director, Casey Hudson, to find out how the game is coming along. In the process, was able to get additional information on characters, races and other cool details related to the gameplay. Enjoy!

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4344d ago

Man I wish this game was gold like last week. I must own you !

PS360PCROCKS4344d ago

Odd "Sonys right hand man" wants a 360 anyways this looks good and hopefully it too lives up to the hype

Grown Folks Talk4344d ago

april 3rd 2007. doubt it will actually come out then, but 1 can hope. same day as bioshock. for sure buy along with alan wake.

CeaselessMedik4344d ago

Nice "Babe of the Day" on the sidebar. This site gets a "lame" from me. Nice information, though.

Jay da 2KBalla4341d ago

Another AAA exclusive for the 360